Summary: When you suffer know that the Lord is watching, and He will turn it around for good

I Peter 4:12-19

October 8, 2008

Pastor John L. Harper

“Trusting God in the midst of suffering”

I. (vs. 12-13) Suffering Should be Considered as a Reason for Joy

A. Don’t be surprised

1. Like something is strange and abnormal

2. When a fiery trial comes upon you

B. Don’t Grumble, but Rejoice

1. His glory is being revealed

2. You are partakers of Christ’s suffering

II. (vs. 14-16) Suffering Can Reveal the Glory of God

A. Be happy

1. When you are enduring ridicule for the name of Christ

2. The Spirit and glory of God rests on you

B. Be Content

1. They speak of God in an evil manner

2. God is being glorified in your circumstance

C. Be Innocent

1. Don’t suffer foolishly as a

a. murderer

b. thief

c. evil doer

d. busybody in another’s business

2. Don’t be ashamed

a. When you are suffering as a Christian

b. Glorify God on your behalf

III. (vs. 17-19) Suffering Means Committing Yourself to God

A. The time for judgment has come

1. It must start in the House of God

2. What about those who don’t obey the Word?

3. What about the ungodly and the sinner?

B. Let him who suffers righteously

1. Commit their souls to God in well doing

2. Commit themselves to their faithful Creator

CONCLUSION: When you suffer know that the Lord is watching, and He will turn it around for good

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