3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: This sermon gives hope to those who are facing life challenges.

Life has its ups and downs, and going through a very difficult situation is never easy. Many of you are going through a storm, but you can trust God. God never give more than you can bear and with each trail, He gives more grace. Everything God allows you to go through has a reason and purpose for He does nothing without wisdom. Even in those lonely still hours, His tender voice encourages you and with His wings He carries you. There is nothing too hard for God, not even the biggest problem you are facing today. God can speak one word to your situation and it can change, so never be moved by what you see, because God is always working behind the scenes. The storms may come, but your Heavenly Father has already given you the power to rise above it. Never let the size of the storm intimidate your faith, face it and conquer it. God has given you the power to Decree a thing and it shall be established. Every mountain can be removed and it takes You, to command it by faith to move. God has given to everyone a measure of faith and He expects us to use it. As you grow more in the things of God, so should your faith. Spiritual maturity isn't defined by how knowledgeable one may be in the Bible. It's defined by one's lifestyle and their faith to trust God even when things are falling apart. Maybe you are going through the Job experience, where the storm is raging all around you and you need the Lord help. However, if you trust God, He is more than able to bring you out. Take, Job, for instance, he went through the storm and lost everything, but in the end, he gained more and so will you. The Lord will never leave you nor forsake you and He is making a way for you even now. God is our refuge and strength, and a very present help in times of trouble. He is willing and ready Always to help us. Cast your cares upon Him today and receive His peace through the storm. Take encourage your next in line for a Miracle.

If you are going through financial troubles, I want you to know, that there was a time in my Faith walk, where I literally had nothing, but Christ.

If you are going through the loss of a loved one. I want you to know, I've lost loved ones too.

If you have ever been rejected, I want you to know, so have I and it hurts but, God is Faithful.

If you've been disappointed, I want you to know, I've messed up many times in my life and I've made mistakes and I've been disappointed. But the Lord forgave me and gave me a second chance and He will do the same for you.

If you have a Broken heart, I want you to know, I've experienced the pain of a broken heart and a shattered heart. The pain of a shattered heart is much deeper I wouldn't wish it on anyone. But my heart was Healed when I placed in the Potter's Hands and He can heal yours too.

If you are going through an assassination of character, where your name is being slandered, I've been through that pain. I've been through the Fire, but truly God has been so Faithful, I can't Thank Him enough.!

If you are facing the challenge of being a single mom, I want you to know. I'm a single mother too and the beauty about it, We are not raising our children alone, because we have the inner peace of the HolySpirit to lead and guide us. Godly mothers have the Best teacher.

If you've been raped or abused, I want you to know, I am a survivor of domestic violence and my scars don't define my kingdom identity.

There has never been a time where the Lord didn't provide for me. Never, did He not come through for me, even when my faith was being tested. There were times when it seemed like my prayers weren't being answered and my situation wouldn't end. It was then, the Lord was stretching my Spiritual muscles and building a faith in me that could withstand the Fire. I didn't become knowledgeable in the Bible overnight it took years of studying God word and hiding it in my heart. There were many nights I prayed from sunset to sunrise, engaged in spiritual warfare on the battlefield. Where my faith was being tested by fire. Nothing about my life has ever been easy, but the HolySpirit has taught me over the years. How to become balanced and enjoy my life even while going through Spiritual warfare. I thank God for the rocks that hurt my feet because it taught me to never stop climbing. There is a Higher Place in God and the only way to reach it is to keep on Climbing. Prophetess Kimmoria N. Thomas.

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