Summary: Consequences faced by characters in the first half of Genesis

“Truth or Consequences”

Genesis 1-24

Intro: What memories do you have of growing up and watching TV as a family? In our home, I remember Saturday night at 7PM was a sacred time -- Dad faithfully watched Hee-Haw. If he couldn’t watch it, he would set up a little tape recorder in front of the TV - that was before the days of VCR’s. Sunday night was church night, so the only time we got to watch the Wonderful World of Disney was when we were sick or snowed in. But Monday thru Friday, at 7 PM, we all sat down and watched “Truth or Consequences.” Of course, that was before Bob Barker started “The Price is Right.” People would come up on stage, and have to answer a riddle -- if they couldn’t, they faced the consequences.

Life is a lot like that too. There are certain “givens” that we know if we violate them, we will face the consequences. If you don’t put gas in the tank, your motor won’t run. I had a roommate named Joel, a millionaire’s son, who bought a new ski boat. He had it out all day Friday trying it out. On Saturday about 10 of us piled on the boat and went out skiing. We went all the way up a channel, into a stream, and went as far as we could. We turned around, and the motor stopped. We asked Joel if he had gas, he said, “Sure, half a tank, in fact I’ve been on half a tank all day yesterday!” We ended up paddling back by hand. If you don’t put the gas in, the motor won’t run. Consequences! Consequences!

I trust you’ve started with us reading through the Bible. As we’ve read in the first few chapters of Genesis we’ve seen this theme over and over again. Galatians 6:7 says Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

Let’s look through the Bible at some of the cases that show this to be true.

I. Adam & Eve - in Genesis 3 - we see Adam & Even are given all the trees of the garden to eat from except for one: 2:16-17 -And the LORD God commanded the man, "You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die."

Satan comes and tempts Eve - she eats and gives to Adam, who is with her

They face the consequences for their actions. As long as they were obedient, they are blessed, they enjoy paradise, they have perfect contentment and joy. The moment they disobey, the consequences come. What happens to them?

7- shame 8- hid from God - separated from the one who could help them

16 - pain in childbearing, desire to rule over husband

17 - work for food, sweat, death, 23- driven out of garden

II. Cain & Abel - in Gen. 4 - once again we see consequences come for the choices we make. In verse 4 we see Abel brings the offering as he was told, and God is pleases. In 3, Cain brings the fruit of his hands - and the consequence - 5- God is not pleased. The outcome - Cain is not accepted, he is angry even though it is his own fault, he kills his brother, he is cursed, and he wanders the earth the rest of his life.

Consequences come for our actions!

III. Noah - in chapter 6, is seen reaping the consequences of living an obedient life.

6:8,9- he finds favor because he is a righteous man. As a consequence of obedience, he and his family build an ark, and God brings them to safety. The consequence of the worldly, they die in the waters, drowned, because of their sinfulness.

Our actions have consequences!

IV. Abraham - in chap 12 we see God calls Abraham out of his homeland and into a new land. Abraham obeys, and reaps the consequences - 13:14 -he is blessed, he becomes the father of a great nation, he is promised every area his foot steps upon.

in 12:17 - Abraham goes down to Egypt - he lies about his wife, saying she is his sister - once again there are consequences for his actions.

In ch. 17 - Abraham intercedes and the city of Sodom is spared if only ten people are there

In ch 22 - we see God calling Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, the son of promise - Abraham obeys, and it is only when he raises his hand to take the life of his son that God stops him and provides a substitute. 22:16-18 - he is blessed for his obedience. Consequences! Consequences!

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