Summary: Perhaps the most important thing you can discover as you spend time immersed God’s Word is this: God loves you. You belong to him. To understand the Word of God, rely on the Spirit of God.

Opening illustration: As an adolescent I read the word of God daily as a routine without really understanding it and kept it under my pillow assuming that it would give me a peaceful sleep and protect me from all harm. When I became a teenager, I still kept doing the same thing except that the Bible was not under my pillow (made my sleep uncomfortable) anymore but in my locker and I would only open it only when in need. This went on till I became 16 and really understood what it was all about. The minute I came to the knowledge of Christ in a personal way, everything just turned around.

Christians, however, should never be satisfied with a lack of understanding of Scripture. In Psalm 119 we are told several times that we can understand God’s Word (vv.27, 34, 73, 125). And we should read it because it’s filled with practical wisdom for us. Here are just a few examples from Psalm 119:105-112 that show us how an understanding of the Bible can help us.

When you read the Bible, ask God for wisdom to understand and apply it to your daily life. His Holy Spirit will help you make sense of it.

Let us turn to Psalm 119:105 and seek Godly instruction on how does the word of God help us.

Introduction: Psalm 119 is divided by 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabets, each having 8 verses dedicated to it. The letter NUN is denoted from verses 105-112. The Word illuminates our way in this world. It shows us what we need to know to live as His people. There are four things specifically that the Word of God illuminates: (i) temptation and sin. The Word exposes the sins of our hearts and lives. It also shows us the way in which we must not go. (ii) The word illuminates the only way of deliverance from sin, which is Jesus Christ. This is true because the central message of the Word is Jesus Christ, Who is the Light of the world. (iii) The word illuminates the right way for us to live, which is the way of thankful obedience to God. (iv) The word leads in our times of suffering and affliction, showing to us that God has a purpose for this affliction.

How does the understanding of God’s Word help us?

1. It lights our path (v.105)

We are walkers through the city of this world, and we are often called to go out into its darkness; let us never venture there without the light giving word, lest we slip with our feet. Each man should use the word of God personally, practically, and habitually, that he may see his way and see what lies in it. When darkness settles down upon all around me, the word of the Lord, like a flaming torch, reveals my way. Having no fixed lamps in eastern towns, in old time each passenger carried a lantern with him that he might not fall into the open sewer, or stumble over the heaps of ordure which defiled the road. This is a true picture of our path through this dark world: we should not know the way, or how to walk in it, if Scripture, like a blazing flambeau, did not reveal it. One of the most practical benefits of Holy Writ is guidance in the acts of daily life: it is not sent to astound us with its brilliance, but to guide us by its instruction. It is true the head needs illumination, but even more the feet need direction, else head and feet may both fall into a ditch. Happy is the man who personally appropriates God's word, and practically uses it as his comfort and counselor, — a lamp to his own feet.

It is a lamp by night, a light by day, and a delight at all times. David guided his own steps by it, and also saw the difficulties of his road by its beams. He who walks in darkness is sure, sooner or later, to stumble; while he who walks by the light of day, or by the lamp of night, stumbles not, but keeps his uprightness. Ignorance is painful upon practical subjects; it breeds indecision and suspense, and these are uncomfortable: the word of God, by imparting heavenly knowledge, leads to decision, and when that is followed by determined resolution, as in this case, it brings with it great restfulness of heart.

2. It teaches us how to please God (vv.106, 108, 112)

The Word of God gives us a glimpse on how to please God and according to the psalmist it is by keeping His judgments (laws) and statutes. There it becomes imperative for us to be obedient to the whole counsel of God. In verses 106, 108 and 112 the Psalmist showed his faith, and his joy which came thereof; now he shows that here in this joy he will keep the commandments; whereby he shows that this was a true joy, because it wrought a care to do good. For if we believe the promises truly, then we also love the commandments, otherwise faith is vain; a care to live a godly life nourishes faith in God's promises. Here is the cause then why many regard not the word and sacraments; or if they do a little, it is to no purpose, because they labor not to keep the commandments. For unless they have care to do this, the word of God to them cannot be profitable, nor the sacraments sacred.

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