Summary: Many are no longer fighting the good fight.

I. It was a time of conflict

A. Isreal is a waring nation

1. God sent them in the promised land to fight!

2. Isreal had many victories

B. There was an important battle to be fought

1. probably I Sam 4

"And the Philistines fought and Israel was smitten and they

fled every man into his tent and there was a very great

slaughter for there fell of Isreal thiry thousand footmen"

I Sam 4:10

2. Terrible loss that day

* Ark was taken

* Eli died

* 30000 men died

C. We are in a conflict today with:

1. Wishy washy worthless doctrine

* people trying to get rich insted of getting right

* name it and clam it

* these modern tv preachers don't preach what Chist preached

"From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for thekingdom

of heaven is at hand." -mt 4:17

- not a popular message today

- modern churches dont like to preach

repentance or holy living

2. Liberalism

3. Loss of Godly Standards

* wrong is always wrong

* times and people may change, but God does not.

II. Ephraim Was a Chosen People

A. Ephrain had a special heritage

1. decendents of Joseph

2. Joshua is from this tribe

3. The grave of Abraham is located there

-reminder of Gods goodness

4. This is where the tabernacle was set up

* in Shiloh

* sacrifices done here

* Ark abode here.

B. You and I have a Special Heritage

1. We are sons and daughters of God

*I Jn 3:1-2

2. It is a privildge and honor to be a child to the king

*never take for granted your position

*never forget what great price was paid for you

III. Ephraim's Cowardly Decision

A. They turned back in the day of battle.

1. Spergon notes

* they didn't turn back in the day of feasting

* they didn't didnt turn back in the day of celebration

2. When Ephraim was most needed

* they showed their backs to the enemy

* they are heading in the wrong direction

B. This is the generation that doesnt know about Dedicaton

1. folks are so spiritualy unstable

2. Not committed to anything




3. Not dedicated to Christ

"if any man will come after me, let him deny

himself and take up his cross and follow me"

4. Parents teaching children that Church is only if there is

nothing better to do.

*ball games come first

*camping come first

*Nfl football come first

*Superbowl is more important then worship

of most high God

5. I know im old fashoned, but when I was a child, no one mowed their

yard on Sunday. It was a day devoted to God. Even my father, who was

unsaved, refused to mow on Sunday.

C Christians are turning back

1. not fighting anymore

*soliders who run away

*soliders who want to be friends with the enemy

2. With all the excitement about being modern the Chruch has forgotten the

message of our Lord.

"Thus saith the Lord stand ye in the old path where is the

good way and walk there in and ye shall find rest for your


Jer 6:16

3. Turning our backs on the old path

D. Brother and Sister we are in a battle today!!!

1. Put on the "whole" armor of God

2. Time to fight

E. There is a forgotton battle- the battle for souls

1. God has laid on us ALL the responsibility of soul winning

2. We must all take part in sharing our faith

3. So many shun this job

-preachers job

-ill just sit on the stool of do nothing

-arm chair generals

F. The sad truth about Ephraim is that they were armed

"being armed and carrying bows"

1. This means they knew how to fight

2. They had tools and equipment and experience

3. They simply refused to use what God gave them!

* Leadership in church gets lazy

* Im to important to go fight

* In God's army the leaders always go out

and battle

4. The Church is in desperate need of Preachers to proclaim

"Thus Saith The Lord"

5. If the preacher preaches against sin he is called "legalistic"

These modern preachers won't say it but I will

-Gambling is ALWAYS wrong!

-Drinking is ALWAYS wrong! show me the good of it. -Movies Christians watch are so vile!

-Tv shows are so immoral, you would never watch them with Jesus

-CD's in your vehicel that you justify, but in your heart you know

what Jesus thinks of them.

H. When is the last time your heart was broken before God

1. You wept tears because of sin

2. You wept tears for a lost member of your family

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