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Summary: This is the fill in the blank for the Bible study of Judas Iscariot from 12 Ordinary Men. See also notes from the Bible Study found in the series of sermons here.

Note: This is a study from the book 12 Ordinary Men by John McArthur an excellent book. This is the fill in the blank outline that is a companion to the study also posted online.

Twelve Ordinary Men

Judas the Traitor

Matthew 26:25 Then Judas, who was betraying Him, answered and said, "Rabbi, is it I?" He said to him, "You have said it."

I. His Name

a. As we learned from our last lesson the name Judas means " _____________".

This was the name given to him by his parents. They seem to have bigger dreams for him. Little did they know the role that he would play in history.

b. His surname ___________ refers to the ____________ he was from. More than likely he was from a town

called Kerioth-hezron.

II. His Call

a. The call is Judas is _____ _________ in scripture.

b. It was obvious that Judas was not attracted to Jesus on a ____________ level.

c. Judas had a role to play in history. It was ____________ that there would be a betrayer.

(Ps 41:9; 55:12-14; Zech 11:12-13)

III. His Disillusionment

a. No doubt at the start, all the apostles thought of the Jewish Messiah as an oriental ____________ who would

defeat the enemies of Judah, rid Israel of pagan occupation, and reestablish the Davidic kingdom in

_______________ glory.

b. But Jesus did not always fulfill their _______________________ and ____________________.

IV. His Greed

a. This was an act of shocking ________________.

b. A denarii was a ______________. So in other words this was a year’s worth of salary.

c. According to Matthew 26:14-16 this seems to be the last _______________ for Judas.

V. His Hypocrisy

a. John 12 shows us how ______________ Judas had become to the work of ________________.

b. Judas allowed Jesus to _____________ his feet although he knew that very soon he would _____________


VI. His Betrayal

a. The religious leaders were ________________ for an opportunity to __________________ Jesus at night.

b. " Like every hypocrite, Judas was _________________ with concerns about what people thought of him, so he

was hoping to __________________ Jesus as quietly as possible."

c. Judas approached Jesus and betrayed him with a __________________.

VII. His Death

a. Judas was ___________________l after he realized what he had done.

b. This was not genuine _________________ it was just feeling bad for what he had done. True repentance is

not just feeling bad but __________________ to the Lord and his grace.

VIII. Lessons Learned

a. Judas is a tragic example of a lost ___________________.

b. Judas is the epitome of _______________ privilege.

c. Judas is a classic __________________ of how the love of money is a_______________ of all kinds of evil.

(1 Timothy 6:10

d. Judas _______________ the ugliness and danger of spiritual betrayal.

e. Judas is proof of the __________, ____________ goodness and _________-____________ of Christ.

f. Judas demonstrates how God’s _____________ and purposes will always work for his ____________.

g. Judas is a vivid _________________ of the deceitfulness and fruitlessness of ________________.

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