Summary: Know what the foundation is that your are building your life upon

Two Foundations

Luke 6:46-49

Introduction: Importance of a foundation, especially here in LA

I. The story

a. End of the Sermon on the Mount as found in Luke

b. Two foundations described

i. First foundation on a rock- those who hear and acts on His Words

ii. Second foundation done quickly on the sand- those who hear and not act

c. One event

i. Flood occurred

ii. Not a matter of if but a matter of “when”

d. Two outcomes

i. Rock foundation- unshakeable and withstood because of what it was built upon

ii. Sand foundation- collapsed and completely ruined

II. Meaning

a. The importance of building your life on the right foundation

b. This was the closing illustration of Jesus’ longest sermon

c. He was bringing it to a conclusion

i. What will you do with Jesus and his words of truth and teaching?

1. “hear” means to listen and understand

2. “acts” means to act upon what they understood

ii. Two choices

1. Hear and act in obedience upon them

a. Solid foundation

b. Stands every trial and the judgement of God

2. Hear and not act

a. Cracked and faulty foundation

b. “ruin” means to break apart, throw down

3. Each choice will have eternal impact

d. Many were enamored with Jesus but not obedient to Him

i. The question is he Lord

1. Lord means master. Not advisor!

2. Obedience indicates that Jesus is in our heart, not merely on our lips

3. Obedience does not save us but saving faith is always obedient faith!

e. Both of these houses probably looked the same on the outside

i. Its’ what could not be seen that made the difference

ii. Ill.- Lot of good people in the world who live and act like many of us. Yet they have build there life on the wrong foundation.

1. Wide gate- many

2. Narrow gate- few

iii. Earlier context here Jesus describes the lives of the false teachers

1. Vs. 39 They are blind

2. Vs. 40 They are earthly

3. Vs. 41-42 They are hypocrites

4. Vs. 43-45 They are evil

III. Application

a. On what are you laying the foundation of your life?

b. Its not enough to know about Jesus or heard of him, have you acted in faith and repentance to Him as Lord?

c. Many today are building their life on false foundations

i. Money, jobs and material things

ii. Being a “good” person- church, civics, community, etc

iii. Family

d. Is it strong enough to stand the test

i. Strength of a foundation is only revealed over time and trial. Ill. “road”

ii. Of time

iii. Of tribulation- how we respond during times of difficulty is a good indication of what our foundation is made of

1. We will face storms of life, not “if”

iv. Of judgement

1. Will our life stand the ultimate final test of God’s wrath and judgement

2. Those who have built their life on Christ alone have nothing to fear for they have a foundation that nothing can shake

3. “Those who follow the blueprint provided by false teachers and foolishly build their spiritual houses on the sand of human achievement will be swept away into hell by the flood of divine judgment.

4. Those who build on Christ alone will stand

a. “My hope is built on nothing less that Jesus’ blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame but wholly trust in Jesus’ name.

b. On Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand

c. When darkness seems to hide his face I rest on his unchanging grace. In every high and stormy gale, My anchor holds within the veil.

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