Summary: Fear is a spirit and it must be dealt with on a spiritual level. Fear is not an emotion, it is a door that the devil uses to get room in our lives.

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Fear vs. Faith – 1

Two Spiritual Laws

II Timothy 1:5-7

“When I call to remembrance the genuine faith that is in you, which dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice, and I am persuaded is in you also. Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

A very wealthy man bought a huge ranch in Arizona and he invited some of his closest associates in to see it. After touring some of the 1500 acres of mountains and rivers and grasslands, he took everybody to the house. The house was as spectacular as the scenery, and out back was the largest swimming pool you have ever seen. However, this gigantic swimming pool was filled with alligators. The rich owner explained this way: “I value courage more than anything else. Courage is what made me a billionaire. In fact, I think that courage is such a powerful virtue that if anybody is courageous enough to jump in that pool, swim through those alligators and make it to the other side, I'll give them anything they want, anything--my house, my land, my money.” Of course, everybody laughed at the absurd challenge and proceeded to follow the owner into the house for lunch when they suddenly heard a splash. Turning around they saw this guy swimming for his life across the pool, thrashing at the water, as the alligators swarmed after him. After several death defying seconds, the man made it, unharmed to the other side. Our rich host was absolutely amazed, but he stuck to his promise. He said, “You are indeed, a man of courage and I will stick to my word. What do you want? You can have anything--my house, my land, my money - just tell me what you want and it is yours.” The swimmer, breathing heavily, looked up at the host and said, “I just want to know one thing--who pushed me in that pool?”

Dr. Charles Garfield

I know after hearing this little story, not many of us has this kind of courage or this kind of faith. Stupidity is what I would call it, not faith.

I want to start a new sermon series entitled, “Fear vs. Faith.” I actually preached this series over 7 years ago and it made such an impact in my life, my family and my church family. This is one series that revolutionized our life. My wife was changed and delivered from fear and I was delivered from fear. I heard story after story of several of you being delivered from fear. There are so many new people with us now, that I feel compelled to preach this again. I have grown a lot in 7 years and know that there will be several differences between now and then, but I still want to share what the Lord laid on my heart 7 years ago and I am still working on and overcoming even now.

Faith is a very deep subject that is found all throughout the Scripture. Our whole salvation is based on faith. But the archenemy of faith is fear. I want to spend the next several weeks on this subject of faith and fear. I am going to speak on it both morning and night. So, I sincerely ask you to make plans to be here on Sunday nights for the next four weeks. Clear your schedule and make this a divine appointment. I KNOW that you will learn something if you do. Please don’t miss any of these meetings. I actually cancelled a special speaker for November because I want to get this truth in our hearts.

Fear is what holds us back in our Christian walk. Fear is what holds us back from healing, it holds us back from deliverance, it holds us back from financial breakthroughs, it actually holds us back in every area of our lives. Fear is a very serious attack that the enemy uses against the human race. It is imperative that we learn how to defend ourselves against this attack of fear. Fear intends to destroy our faith. Fear comes in many shapes and sizes, but the final outcome is always the same and that is to steal, kill and destroy.

Our whole nation and all of North America is gripped by fear every since 9/11 and now with ISIS. Terrorism has gripped our hearts. We, as believers, cannot be moved by this attack of the enemy. God has provided the ability to overcome fear at every turn and we know that faith gives us that ability to overcome fear. There is one thing that we must remember and that is: It is God that fights our battles. When we are confident in the fact that God fights our battles, fear cannot grip us.

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