Summary: There is power in the Name of Jesus

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Title: The Name of Jesus – 5

“Two Ways to Use the Name”

Text: John 16:23-24; John 14:13-14

I have been renewed and challenged throughout this series. God has truly done a work in my life throughout the past few weeks. Someone once said; “the best messages in the world are the ones that impact you the most.” (Speaking of the preacher) and this one certainly has. I have been challenged with symptoms of sickness and battled some things, but through it all, God has been faithful and has done exactly what He said He would do in His Word.

So far we have talked about “The Inheritance,” “The Authority,” “The Victory,” and then last week we talked about “The Name Belongs to Us.” This morning I want to talk about “Two Ways to Use the Name.” Has anyone learned anything so far? I am not interested in just filling in time every Sunday morning. I want to see lives changed and I want to change myself.

This past Wednesday night I went to bed with a severe headache. I slept well all night long, but when I woke up on Thursday morning, it had turned into an earache and almost a migraine. I woke up and did some chores before leaving the house to come to the office. While I was doing those chores, I was heavily tempted to go back to bed and put the covers over my head and simply give it to that pain, when all of a sudden, it dawned on me, I said, “I don’t have to put up with this pain.” I laid my hands on my ears and over my eyes and began to speak to that pain. I said; “I rebuke you devil, in the name of Jesus I command this pain in my ear and in my eyes to leave my body now.” About 80% of the pain instantly left. I went out the kitchen with a big smile on my face and told my wife what had happened. Within 10 minutes the pain was totally and 100% gone. When we speak the name of Jesus over our pain and sickness, it has to leave. That may not sound like a very big deal to you, but I was amazed once again at the power of the Name.

If you look back to the New Testament you will find that the Name of Jesus touched every part of the early believers lives. The Name of Jesus filled a place in their thoughts, in their prayers, and in their preaching. We are almost ignorant of the power of the Name compared to the early believers, yet we have the same right to the use of the Name of Jesus as they did. I pray that the Lord would open our eyes and our hearts that we may know the riches of the glory of God, which are hidden in that Name. Just mentioning the Name is so much more powerful then all the yelling and all the screaming that you can do. The Bible describes two different ways that we can use the Name in our daily walk.


Most Christians know that they can use His Name in prayer, but really do not know the power and significance of that knowledge. There are some that repeat the Name in a parrot like fashion, which will not work! If we do use the Name, there is a tremendous amount of people that really do not expect it to work. I mean expecting it to such a capacity that there is no doubt in your heart that it will work.

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