Summary: Two world Comparison

Text: John 1:5

Subject: Two World Comparison

Theme: The Light and Darkness world

Proposition: Christians must be watchful for every actions revealed by this world.

Transitional Sentence: By the following enlisted in how Christians must be watchful by these two world comparisons.


I. The Light World

A. Follows the path of Jesus – John 8:12

B. Follows the will of God – John 7: 17

C. Follows the command of Jesus – john 14:15

II. The Darkness world

A. Always lies – John 8: 44

B. Always blasphemous – John 10: 33

C. Always nothing – john 15:5


the world of Light and Darkness must be identify by not loving the dark and to Love the word of Light. Let us live in the world of Light (Jesus) not to live to the world of Darkness (evil).

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