Summary: Sometimes life puts you in hard places, and you hurt and you cry: but never forget that God is worthy of your praise (Even if all you have is an Ugly Praise) give it to God, and watch what he does.

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Gen 37:18-19 Jer 38:12

When we read the story of Joseph there are some things that cannot be denied, because the scripture makes it clear that:

*Joseph was chosen by God * Joseph was anointed by God *Joseph had a destiny given by God

* Joseph was favored by God * Joseph was favored by his earthly father * God was with Joseph

That sounds like a winning combination, judging from that criteria it would look like Joseph had it made, it would seem as though he was living the life of riley (You would expect to find his book under lifestyles of the rich and famous by Joseph)

But when we read the bible we find out that this same Joseph who had everything going for him, who was anointed by God, who was favored by his earthly father and had so many great advantages;

One day found himself in a pit

I want to stop here for just a minute and tell you; If somebody told you when you became a Christian that all your problems would be over, and that you would never be hurt again, you would never cry again, you would never suffer again……… (They Lied)

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all… Ps 34:19

The point I’m trying to make is that Christians have problems too

*Christians get sick * Christians get in debt * Christians get divorced * Christians get their hearts broken *Christians get in places they shouldn’t be.

Sometimes you fall in, sometimes you jump in, and sometimes you’re pushed in.

But regardless of how you got there or why you’re there, a Pit is a Pit and if you stay there you will die.

Dreams die in the pit, ministries die in the pit, gifts, callings, marriages, die in the pit) Rueben was responsible for Josephs pit.

It was Rueben that suggested they throw Joseph in the pit. We don’t know what happened but whatever it was; we know this (Rueben was there when Joseph was thrown into the pit, but he was not there when he was lifted out)

The point is: Rueben was surprised, Rueben was shocked, because he saw him go into the pit, he saw him struggling and begging to be delivered from the pit (but now he’s looking into that same pit expecting to see pitiful Joseph full of fear and confusion stressing and crying and begging to be delivered (but Joseph wasn’t there)

I’m going to prophesy to somebody listening to me right now (God is getting ready to do something that is going to blow some people away).

There are some people who saw you in the pit, there are some people that even helped put you in the pit, and they have watched you struggling, and pushing, and scratching and clawing trying to climb your way out, when they left you were in the pit, the last time they saw you (you were in the pit) you were a mess.

But I came to prophesy to you right now that you are coming out of the pit, ( I’m not just preaching, I’m prophesying, I am declaring to you with prophetic unction and authority that you are coming out.

I wish somebody would prophesy: I’m coming out

I don’t know what that pit is for you today:

It may be a pit of debt

It may be a pit of sickness

It may be a pit of bondage, or addiction

It may be a pit of despair, depression

It may be a pit of marriage problems that looks so deep and so dark and impossible that you feel like giving up

It may be a spiritual pit and you just don’t feel God like you used to, and you’re dry and discouraged.

I don’t know what your pit is: They come in all different shapes and sizes.

I don’t know what that pit is for you: But I want you to look at your neighbor and prophesy to them and tell them (I’ve spent my last night in the pit)

Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning…….. Ps 30:5

Rueben came back to the pit where he last saw Joseph, and Joseph wasn’t there.

There are some people that thought they knew you pretty good; They thought they knew where to look for you.

They even talked about your pitiful condition to other people

But that was yesterday

Yesterday I was in the pit

Yesterday it looked like I was going to die in the pit

Yesterday I felt like I was going to die in the pit

But I heard a word:

I heard Joseph say: Don’t die in the Pit

I heard Joseph say: The fall doesn’t have to be fatal

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Minister Lamarr Horne

commented on Jan 19, 2012

oh my god i was looking at this ww sermon i thought about sub title iam coming out you know we dont know what going on in peoples mind they could be going hru right but i came to tell somebody you better give god an ugly praise y because you is coming out be bless.

Andrew Moffatt

commented on Jan 19, 2012

Nice word Terry!

Randy Miller

commented on Feb 2, 2012

Mr. Sisney I very much enjoyed your uplifting and encouraging sermon. It does strike me that the hearer might be a little hard on Reuben if they are unfamiliar with the story. It was Reuben who actually saved Joseph from the jealousy of his brothers. It was their intention to kill him. Reuben did indeed suggest they put joseph in the pit, but his motivation was to save Joseph''''s life. Gen. 37:21 "When Reuben heard this, he tried to rescue him from their hands. ?Let?s not take his life,? he said. 22 ?Don?t shed any blood. Throw him into this cistern here in the wilderness, but don?t lay a hand on him.? Reuben said this to rescue him from them and take him back to his father." That of course leads to Reuben''''s shock and dismay in verse 29. When he returned to the cistern and found that Joseph was not there, he tore his clothes in anguish. This is by no means a criticism, I found myself cheering your creativity. Thanks for posting it.

Pastor Wayne Roach

commented on May 17, 2012

WOw! this sermon is mind blowing. i really enjoy the creativity in this sermon

Anu Babadiya

commented on Sep 1, 2014

Thank God for such a wonderful sermon , it gives me more insight to praise. God bless and increase terry sisney. I will love to recevice your sermon in my mail if possible. Anu

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