3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: This 1st sermon in the series, "The Cure" looks at how we can live unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Series: The Cure [#1]


Romans 1:1-17


For several years now, Tharon and I have been going to different Neurologists all around the country. The 1st visit almost always goes the same- The Neurologist promises to be the one to find out what is wrong with us and fix us. Usually after numerous tests and appointments, the Neurologist wants to send us to a Psychiatrist because they can’t find out what is wrong so obviously we must be crazy. At this point, we usually find a Neurologist that will try and try and try. The diagnosis is always that we have a rare form of Migraine headaches and then the games begin. We are experimented on like rats to hear at each visit, “I’m really sorry, but I don’t know the cure”.

As I’m faced to deal with this every day, it hit me all of a sudden that there are millions of people in our world today searching for a cure to even a larger disease- Sin. The letter that Paul sent to the Romans has the cure for the 1 thing that will send people to an eternal death- Sin. This morning, as we begin our new series, “The Cure” from the Book of Romans; I want us to ask ourselves this question, “Am I ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”? Now I know that each of you are thinking, “Not me”; but what is your evidence to support that answer?

As we approach the New Year, I want to encourage you to live your life in a way that you are unashamed of Jesus Christ. God has equipped us to live that kind of life. How do you remain unashamed?

Romans 1:1-4

God has…

1. Called you.

I think that people forget that their life in Christ is initiated by God. We don’t seek God, He seeks us. When you give your life to Christ, God lets you know what your place and purpose is in His Family. You are necessary. Your place in God’s Family matters and you need to realize that you fulfilling that purpose is necessary.

This leads me to the fact that until you understand your calling, you can’t start being obedient with your spiritual gifts. There are many that don’t know what any of their spiritual gifts are. There are some who don’t even think that they have spiritual gifts. Look, when you are saved, God gives you spiritual gifts.

The way that you discover your spiritual gifts is by doing things. As you serve in different ministries, (in and out of Church); you will begin to see where you fit and don’t fit. This world desperately needs Christians to start taking their calling very seriously.

Romans 1:5-7

God has…

2. Shown you grace and mercy.

When we are saved, we are set apart. We are supposed to be different than the rest of the world. God set us apart from the world so that we could lift Jesus Christ up in all that we do. This is an area that is a true challenge because the way you behave and deal with things is in a sense showing whether you are ashamed or unashamed of Jesus.

How is it possible for you to ever live in a way that is set apart from this world? It is because God has shown us grace and mercy through sending Jesus to take our place. In God’s mercy, He did not give us what we deserve; but instead showed us grace through giving us something that we didn’t deserve- Salvation through Jesus Christ.

Romans 1:8-17

God has…

3. Given you a family.

Isn’t good to have someone who cares about how you are doing? Not only should we be able to be depended upon by one another; but we ought to be growing one another spiritually. Through Jesus Christ, we can be adopted by God the Father into His family.


Live your life in a way that shows that you are unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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