Summary: This is a message for Christmas Eve used to introduce the Lord's supper.

It is such a meaningful time when we celebrate the Lord’s Supper during the Christmas season. For many this season is often filled with gift buying and family time and usually eating more than we should. All of those things are good, maybe we could eat less but all in all we do these things at Christmas. The season reminds us of the innocence of a little baby boy named Jesus who arrived in our midst. The Bible reminds us that Jesus stepped out of heaven and came to earth. Immanuel is the name He is given which means God with us. And He is. As beautiful a story as it is there is also much more to it. Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. He entered public ministry at the age of 30. He was very popular with the people and very unpopular with the leaders and the religious crowd. Mostly because He broke so many traditions and spoke the truth. Many of the leaders began to lose power so they began to plot as to how they might kill Him. We know how the story ends. Jesus is crucified on a rugged cross for you and for me and as a result salvation is offered to all who will just receive it. But we also know the story doesn’t end there. Jesus is in the tomb for 3 days and nights and then He comes back from the dead.

This innocent child we see in a manger suffers a horrible death all because of His love for you and for me. As a result Jesus tells us that we are to celebrate His death by observing this supper together. Most of the time we don’t celebrate death. But because there was a resurrection we can. One day God will call you and me home as well. People will no doubt grieve our death. But if we get a focus on the fact that there is a resurrection and the fact that we will see one another again in Heaven, it begins to lift some of that burden. As safe as the manger was, Jesus couldn’t stay there and save us too. So he did what God asked of Him. He said Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine."

Tonight as we drink from this cup you and I are reminded that often we are called upon to do things for the Lord that are not comfortable. But they are the right thing. May we do exactly as Jesus did, following God’s will even when it is not comfortable. The Christian life is not about being comfortable, it is about being committed. Following Jesus no matter the cost.

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