“Under construction”

Phil 1:6

Intro: Many may look at this steel bar and see nothing to it.

A). Others may see a steel bar that has a limited use at best.

B). A blacksmith sees this as a $10 horseshoe.

C). A manufacturer sees this as $350 worth of sewing needles.

D). A watch maker can turn this into springs for a $250,000 Rolex.

E). It depends whose eyes behold it and whose hands touch it.

F). Man looks at each of us as this steel bar; limited use at best.

G). God sees this as an unlimited piece of material that can be

used to be anything and or make anything.

H). The only limits are the ones we place on God.

1). King David;

A). David’s family saw him as a $5 bar of steel and nothing more.

B). They never saw him more than a little brother, a sheep herder,

a pretty boy, the youngest, the smallest.

C). David’s father overlooked him, His brothers overlooked him,

Prophet Samuel overlooked him. Goliath overlooked him.

D). They saw him as a $5 bar of steel at best.

E). But God saw more than that. He saw character, integrity,

humility. He saw heart!

F). That’s a great question “What does Jesus see in you?”

G). Others can overlook and overstate your importance, not Jesus.

H). The Lord saw David when he fought a lion/bear for a sheep.

I). The Lord knows your life as well. He has seen what you have

been through, things others may never know.

J). He has seen your heart when others would not look at you.

K). Others saw David and may see you as a finished project;

God saw David “as being under construction”!


A). Others saw Moses; hothead, orphan, misfit, stuttered, shepherd

B). Moses didn’t even believe in himself.

C). God saw him as a vessel of honor, a strong spirit, heart.


A). Others saw him as a murderer, a trouble maker, a rebel.

B). Even the disciples could not believe he was saved.

C). Jesus saw Paul as a leader, a follower, He saw his heart.

D). Truth is everyone of us is “under construction.”

Things to remember when you are under construction:

1). Created in the image of God:

A). We see people through our eyes and not God’s eyes.

B). We want people to abide by our ways, our advice, opinions.

C). Danger in holding someone to our standard we can misguide.

D). We want them to look like us, act, speak, dress like us.

E). If by chance they do not, they’re wrong, stupid, misguided.

F). As if we have the corner market on life itself.

G). Large Baptist church: Pastor asked Lionel Harris to come sing.

H). God will use that same heart to judge them as they used.

2). Have Patience with self and others:

A). Patience with self:

1). We think we should have known all of this when born.

2). Some get discouraged and quit, not growing quick enough.

3). Read Bible once or twice; think should know all.

4). Too many times gone back and learned more than before.

B). Patience with others:

1). Others act like they have always been this cute/clean.

2). We think others should walk in church and be at our speed.

3). They don’t pray like us, testify like us, sit like us.

4). You didn’t learn all that you know in 3 months.

5). Quit acting like we knew everything before we came to church

3). Not an excuse:

A). Being under construction is not an excuse to do what you want

B). Some will take this and live their life off of this message.

C). “I’m under construction it’s okay to do what I want”

D). “to them that knows to do right and does not do right, it’s sin”

E). To be under construction means to be pliable, workable,

obedient, submissive.

F). You have to want God to mold you.


A). I’ve seen these letters “PBPGIFWMY” on buttons. Stickers.

B). They stand for an all important truth: “Please be Patient…”

C). Thank God for that.

D). I may not look like much to you – But God isn’t finished.

E). You may look in the mirror of your soul and not like what you

see – “But God isn’t finished with you yet.

F). When I say construction, God wants to fashion our lives

according to his image, power, and purpose.

G). You will never be who you are purposed to be without Christ.

H). Some say: “I’m who I am because of hard work, dedication,

education, experience.

I). Truth is, Jesus can use these things in our life, but He is the

one that molds us, and shapes us.

J). Family, friends, coworkers say you can’t do it, and never can.

K). Thank God, He says you can!

L). He created us, He should have the final say!

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