Summary: The Lord directed His disciples back to the Scriptures, and when they understand it, they were filled with joy and hope. They saw the living Christ in their midst.

Two disciples were walking with Jesus but they did not recognise him.

• They could tell Jesus what had happened, but they did not understanding it.

• Jesus said, “How foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken!” (v.25)

• He took time to explain the Scriptures, beginning from Moses and all the Prophets, concerning Himself.

• Later, while He was eating with them, the disciples’ eyes were opened and they recognised Him (v.31).

The two then went back to Jerusalem and told the rest of the group.

• Jesus appeared to them, and also ate in their presence.

• He explained to them again from the Scriptures, the fulfilment of what was written about Himself, in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms.

• 24:45 “Then He opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.”

Jesus directed the disciples back to the Scriptures.

• The answers are all there, but they need to understand it.

God has given us the Scriptures. In it we have the answers to life.

• We know who God is, we know why we are here, and we know why we need Jesus.

• But sadly this is not always true. People can have a Bible and not read it, and not understanding it.

• They do not recognise God’s work in their life. They do not recognise Jesus, even though He has been present with them.

When we buy something new, we always find a manual with it.

• The manual is essential especially when we have no idea of how to set up and use the product.

• The manual explains and teaches us what the product is capable of doing and what needs to be done to ensure its maximum performance.

Many of us use computers but have never taken the time to read the manual that comes with it.

• For some of us, we use it only for simple tasks, like emailing or browsing the web.

• The computer is capable of doing more, it can perform many more functions but we are not using them.

• We can use computer now to make free calls and communicate with friends from all over the world. And you can see their faces when you talk to them. But not every one of us knows this, or knows how to use this.

It is like this life that God has given us.

• There are many incredible things that we are capable of but know nothing about.

• God has given us a manual to inform us of who we are and what we can do, and how we can achieve greater things through Him.

• But do we value this manual enough to read it? And seek to understand it?

• This manual is called the Bible.

Jesus explained everything from the Scriptures.

• He directed the disciples’ attention to what was written in the Scriptures. This is where we find the truth, and where we find the hope we need.

• God’s will for us have been revealed in the Scriptures. Whatever is written here is very important. We need to read it, study it and most of all, UNDERSTAND it.

• Through the help of the Holy Spirit, the Lord will enlighten us on what we read.

• He will open our eyes so that we can recognise Him.

• We need to know what has been written here.

These two disciples had heard about the resurrection of Christ from Mary and Peter.

• But because they were not personally there to see the evidence, or they did not understand what was going on, they were afraid and discouraged.

• They decided to go back home to Emmaus and return to their old way of life.

• In plain language they had given up on Jesus because they could not understand and interpret the Scriptures correctly.

Many give up on Christ when they encounter problems, because they do not understand what God is doing.

• Jesus did not give up on these two disciples, and He will not give up on us too.

• Jesus knew their need and came to where they were, joined them and revealed Himself to them from the Scriptures.

• Today He comes to you and reveals Himself to you in the same way.

• Search the Scriptures and you will find God’s answer for you.

Dear friends, do you know Jesus and what He has done for you?

• The Bible says He is our Saviour. We need to be saved because we have fallen into sin, every one of us.

• We have chosen to turn away from God, and this is what we deserved.

• The penalty of sin is death, but Jesus came and died in your place.

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