Summary: • What if I told you that you can know the Mind of Christ? o Would that be compelling? o Would it encourage you to study God’s Word? o Would you be encouraged to adopt His mindset?  We are to become more like Him!

Understanding the Mind of Jesus


• What if I told you that you can know the Mind of Christ?

o Would that be compelling?

o Would it encourage you to study God’s Word?

o Would you be encouraged to adopt His mindset?

? We are to become more like Him!

• What if I told you there are practical ways to discover and apply the Mind of Christ in every day life?

• What if I told you that you could not only learn to live the mind of Christ, but also help others to do the same?

It sounds like a sales pitch!

It must be “too good to be true”!


It’s NOT!

Now if it were up to me to discover some secret, or any man for that manner; or even for me to teach you this based merely on experience would be foolish!

Thankfully, God’s Word provides a clear and simple teaching on how ANYONE can know how to Understand and LIVE the Mind of Christ!

• The mind of Christ

o Is not incomprehensible mystery

o It is not a game of hide and seek

o It is not nuclear physics!

o It is not some secret that only the enlightened will discover!


? God displays it openly and clearly

? We find it in the book of Philippians

Philippians 2:5 – often the WWJD text

o Some translations read: Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus

o CSB: Adopt the same ATTITUDE as that of Christ Jesus!

o But take it back a few verses and you will discover something AMAZING:

o 1-5 (READ)

o These verses will guide us over the course of the next few weeks!

• Why is this important?

o Another way to ask this question: Why aren’t more ppl living their lives according to the MIND of Christ?

? As Christians we SHOULD

? Perhaps some do not realize the benefits that come with knowing the mind of Christ, with UNDERSTANDING Him.

? Perhaps ppl have listened to mis-teachings, or mis-understood good teachings

? Perhaps there is this thought that we CANNOT understand God’s mind – that we are unable to fathom the mind of Jesus

• I will say it again: the Bible is crystal clear as to the instructions on how to live out the Mind of Christ!

• Common misconceptions

o Only the spiritually elite are able to live out the mind of Christ

? Well – Who exactly are the spiritually elite?

• Deacons? Pastors? Monks?

? This is 1 I have dealt with – thinking only some ppl “got it”.

• Namely the ppl who wrote the Bible, or those super wise and respected preachers of days gone by.

? This one is mainly brought on because there are those people who always seem to know what to say, what to do, and those who struggle.

• Which suggests (wrongly) that those who know what to say and do are spiritually superior.

• What this does is cause us to look at humanly examples – instead of what God says!

o Now this is double edged, because we SHOULD look to and have our heroes our mentors that we to be learn from, but they cannot replace the ultimate exemplar (Christ)

? We MUST not believe that we need to reach the spiritual level of (whomever) in order to reach the mindset of Christ -> we are unique and wonderfully made individuals!

o The Mind of Christ is some generalized, cliché, that cannot be specifically defined – and thus is really unachievable and unplayable.

? So this one is the exact opposite of Misconception #1.

? Instead of only a few being able to achieve it – none can

• None can ever really know what the mind of Christ is because it is so hard to define.

? This happens when we take Phil 2:5 and make it very GENERALIZED

• I have been guilty of this as well

• What happens is we think we are giving good advice, but we are not

• Something happens and we say, hey WWJD?

• Attempting to apply this broken theology to every minute situation, without ever really digging into the issue at the moment.

• Example?

• Simple catchphrase

? NOW – again, we should continue to use this – WWJD – but we can’t use it as a copout! We have to be willing to walk with our brothers and sisters though things – and in our own life, ask the question, turn to God, think through the issue, and then act!

? BUT when Paul wrote these words to the Philippians, HE NEVER meant for them to be used in a general fashion!

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