Summary: Understanding God’s calling to preach the Gospel, as our time on Earth is running out.

Today we will lead off in the direction that God has been taking me for sometime now in my private study; and I believe that the time is here and now to begin teaching on the importance of understanding where we are in the world.

I have to give you a sad fact that ought to touch the heart of every believer here: Some members in our churches today that call themselves Christians will in fact spend their eternity in hell.

You may ask me, “Bro TJ, how can you say this?” To that I have to give you the simple answer, “Because they do not know the real Jesus Christ.”

They have head knowledge about Jesus

They have pictures and religious articles in their homes

They donate to the church

They know all the church phrases

Yet, they do not know who He is because they have allowed their own pride to keep the real Jesus away – sadly, they have been deceived by Satan himself.

Once we get past Christmas this year, we are going to delve into the Book of Revelation with all eagerness – we are also going to discuss the impending fact of Ezekiel’s War (Ezek. 37 and 38), and I want to encourage you to make it a point to be here and invite your family and friends to get a hold of these messages.

We are going to look at what is going on in the Middle East and the importance of watching the spiritual clock hands move forward towards the return of Jesus Christ. Let me tell you that collectively this is the most important set of messages you will ever hear – and it has nothing to do with me. It has to do with your salvation and those who you love, and now is the time to ensure your house is in order.

I am convinced that we do not have much time left. My study has been showing me that we are closer than we think, and the time to come to the Lord and ask forgiveness is now. While many in today’s pulpits may try to convince you that we have plenty of time with “nice” messages of encouragement, I do not believe we can do that any longer.

I need to first, ask your forgiveness on where I have not done this. I have been in error. Over that past few weeks I have been reading and studying different interpretations, and each time I study and pray I have one thing on my mind – that now is the time to confess to God your sins and get things right with Him.

Go with me to Matthew, Chapter 24: 4-8, 14 - Pray

I. A time of warning is upon us – it is not coming, but it is here! (Matthew 24:4-8)

Jesus is speaking here and he shows us the things that will happen towards the end times. The maker of heaven and earth has given us a roadmap and all we need to do is read it and understand what it is saying. These first few verses are so pivotal that I will attempt to break them down today.

Rumors of wars - Nation will rise against nation - Kingdom against kingdom

Right now, most of the world is somehow involved in a physical war in the Middle East, whether troops are on the ground or not, the world is involved because of the importance of a little sliver of land smaller than Rhode Island.

This is a war that will end all wars. Israel is being threatened at this very moment with being separated and divided before our very eyes under a flag of “peace” – and I want to tell you that God is not happy about it. The “Roadmap for Peace” treaty signed in 2002 has three parts to it: Israel is to withdraw from Gaza (done), Israel to withdraw from the West Bank (working), and Israel to give a portion of Jerusalem to the Arabs for the new Palestinian state (discussed).

I stand before you today to tell you that God is not happy– and let me give you this as well, Iran’s leader has gone on record and said that “Israel must be wiped off from the map of the world.” Do you see the agenda? Destroy Israel …

Look at Psalm 48:1-14 - This is God’s promise of Jerusalem (Zion is the biblical term for Jerusalem).

All the synagogues face Jerusalem in Israel – It is the very heart of Israel

Here is another example of the importance of Jerusalem: 2 Chronicles 6:6, 7:16, 33:7

“I [God] have chosen Jerusalem, that My name might be there … For now I have chosen and sanctified this house [the temple], that my Name may be there forever; and my Eyes and my Heart will be there perpetually … In this house and in Jerusalem, which I have chosen … I will put my Name forever.”

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