Summary: The Analysis of the life of Ruth as set forth in book bearing her name will enable us to see how God works in the life of those who trusts in Him.

Amor Dee

Text: Ruth 1-4

Sermon Structure: Analytical

Subject: The Life of Ruth

Theme: The Analysis of the Life of Ruth

Title: Undeserved Turned to Glory


Greetings… Text… Title… Prayer…

How many of us here, did see people who are not talented, not so intelligent, not so wealthy yet reached the highest point of success?

We may think they were incapable to do so.

But as the well known saying said, “poverty is not a hindrance to success”.

It is not what we have that matters, but it is our attitude that matters, but it is our attitude that matters most.

Putting our trust in God is the only right response we ever had facing difficult situations in life.

And God could even make our undeserved life turn to glory.

From these passages we can find events that like of this situation that took place during the time of the Judges. A time when Israel was a divided and defeated kingdom. Famine came throughout them and makes the family of Elimelech moved to Moab. But during the worst of times that the Israelites encountered God reveals His love and still works on behalf of those who fear and trust in Him.

During those times there was a young woman named Ruth. Ruth is a little foreign girl who came out of paganism and idolatry in the land of Moab. She came from a people, and she came into knowledge of the Lord God of Israel.

Proposition: The Analysis of the life of Ruth as set forth in book bearing her name will enable us to see how God works in the life of those who trusts in Him.

T. S. Let us now analyze the life of Ruth step by step so that we will see well how God works in the life of those who put their trusts in Him.

First, we see God works in the life of Ruth by bringing her into the truth, in Ruth 1:4, “They married Moabite woman, one named Orpah and the other Ruth”.

During there time the marriages of Israelites with the Ammon or Moab are expressly forbidden, as were marriages with women of Canaan.

But in here we can see how God works with the marriage of Ruth and Mahlon…. (First)

A. God opened the way for Ruth to know the truth by marrying a Jew.

In this situation I believed that many of the Israelites look at the marriage of Ruth and Mahlon as the most mistakes choice of choosing a life partner. And maybe they look at also this as faultily to Mahlon but yet fine to Ruth because of having Mahlon as her husband. And there is a truth with it, because Ruth was lucky of having him as husband, because this was the start that God had opened good way for her.

B. Her response brings a positive result. 1:16, “But Ruth replied, don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go, I will go, and where you stay, I will stay. Your people will my people and your God my God”.

We need to know that before Ruth was with her pagan parents but now she is determined to stay forever with her Jew mother in law. And not only that before she was with the outcast people but now she worships the true and living God of Israel. And until to end as though her husband dies, she remained faithful in her trust to God

Brothers and sister how about to us this morning, do we have this kind of mind-set?

C. What if Ruth went back like her sister in law did?

Surely I believe that she will miss the blessings of being part of God’s chosen people. And surely also that she will miss the blessings God hath poured out to Israelites and would remain to suffer the famine just like to her sister in law.


Brethren let us remember that Ruth was very concern with the truth that she knows. She never let that the opened way for her would be closed and not receiving and enjoying to it. Instead as she the found right way of living with God she grabbed the opportunity; she never let it that it would be lost from him. And she put her trusts upon it.


God works in the life of Ruth in the midst of crises. Chapters 2, 3.

In the midst of crisis we can see that God work out in the life of Ruth and it is by opening the way for her to find a living, and this is the first…

A. God opened the way for her to find a living.

Before Ruth live in the life that was no hope and full of miserable but God turned it to hope and experienced a contented joyful life.

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