Summary: A textual sermon about 2 Corinthians 6:14

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Sermon for 4/13/2008

2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1

Unequally Yoked


Time magazine reported in January 1995 that an earthquake in Kobe, Japan, occurred when two plates on a fault line fifteen miles offshore suddenly shifted against each other, violently lurching six to ten feet in opposite directions. The result was the worst Japanese earthquake since 1923. Thousands died. More than 46,000 buildings lay in ruins. One-fifth of the city’s population was left instantly homeless. The destruction unleashed by those two tectonic plates depicts what happens when a Christian bonds unequally with a non-Christian. Two people committed to each other but going in different directions can only lead to trouble.

Thesis: This morning let’s talk about being unequally yoked.

For instances:

1. What is a yoke? Vs. 14

We don’t see yokes today. A yoke is a crossbar with two U- shaped pieces that encircle the necks of a pair of oxen, mules, or other work animals that force them to work together as a team. Commonly a yoke was put in front of a plow and two animals were forced to run the plow (furrow) through the ground.

2. What does it mean to be yoked together? Vs. 14

A. Symbolically this word yoked is used to mean to couple two beings together, much like two oxen are forced to work together within an actual yoke.

B. This yoked together means relationships, partnerships and unions. More specifically:

1. Refers to having close friendships.

2. Refers to business partnerships

C. This verse is most closely talking about the marriage relationship. A husband and wife are yoked together by:

1. The laws of man.

2. Creation- (Gen 2:24 NIV) For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

3. God- (Mat 19:6 NIV) So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."

D. A husband and wife are contracted to stay together for the rest of their lives. (Rom 7:2 NIV) by law a married woman is bound to her husband as long as he is alive, but if her husband dies, she is released from the law of marriage.

E. In a way, the husband and wife should be working together like a unified team of oxen in a yoke. A picture of a couple going through this life.

3. Yoked together with unbelievers- Vs. 14

A. Notice what the Bible is not concerned about:

1. Political ideals

2. Rich vs. poor

3. Social standings or family status

4. Educational levels

5. Racial differences-

A. Hey, what about the OT. (Neh 13:25 NIV) I rebuked them and called curses down on them. I beat some of the men and pulled out their hair. I made them take an oath in God’s name and said: "You are not to give your daughters in marriage to their sons, nor are you to take their daughters in marriage for your sons or for yourselves.(Neh 13:26 NIV) Was it not because of marriages like these that Solomon king of Israel sinned? Among the many nations there was no king like him. He was loved by his God, and God made him king over all Israel, but even he was led into sin by foreign women.(Neh 13:27 NIV) Must we hear now that you too are doing all this terrible wickedness and are being unfaithful to our God by marrying foreign women?"

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