Summary: In order for the work of God there much be unity in the church as demonstrated when Ezra and people of Israel rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.

United We Serve

Ezra 3:1-13

Reading: Ephesians 4:1-7

Intro: Ezra 1:1-4

The People of God had spent many years in captivity because of their sin.

God had promised to bring them back to the promised land.

King Cyrus, under the direction of the Lord offered send people back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple.

-God used an ungodly king to restore His people

-God even put it in him to do the work and pay for it.

God raised up men to go and do the work. Vs. 5

The work was a work of God

It was a work done in the unity of the Spirit.

When God has a work to do, He has a specific job for

every person.






The people…. Ezra 2:64-65

-42,360 people returned

-7337 servants

-2000 gospel singers

In any work of God there must be unity.

-Unity in the church

-God hates those who sow discord among the brethren.

-Proverbs 6:16-19

-Usually all it takes is one person to bring disunity

to the body.

-As a church we must be in unity (one accord)

1. There was a unity in purpose. Ezra 3:1

A.They gathered together

B.As one man…in unity

C.They had one purpose.

1. To honor the Lord. Vs. 3

2. Their work was to rebuild the Temple

-Nobody was in it for themselves.

3. Their first work was to build an alter.

-In obedience to the Lord.

-This came before anything else. Vs 6

D. Our purpose at Chickee Church.

-Psalm 29:2 Give unto the LORD the glory due

unto his name; worship the LORD in the beauty of


-Obedience to the great commission is our mission.

E. Church is for…



Discipleship through Bible preaching and teaching.

F. We must be unified in this purpose. (AMEN)

II. They were unified in the work.

A. They paid workers from their government grant. Vs 7

B.They appointed leaders. Vs 8

C. They set forward the work. Vs 8

-set forward…not backward

-We must be looking forward

-God has bless us in the past and we are thankful for

it, but we must set forward the work.

-We must not get bogged down.

D. They set forward the workmen. Vs 9

-They work was going to get done by those who God

equipped to do the work.

-God has given every person gifts to be use in His


-1 Corinthians 12:12-26

-Some of you have gifts that need to be surrendered

to God’s work.

-Your gift was given to the church, not to you, to be

used on yourself.

III. They were unified in Worship. Vs 10-13

A. They sang together. Vs 11

B. By course…they took turns.

C.Gave thanks unto the Lord.

-Because He is good. (not anything specific)

-For His mercy.

D. They shouted with a great shout when they praised the Lord.

E. Even with mixed emotions…Vs 12

-Some wept

-Some shouted aloud for joy.


We must serve the Lord together in Unity.

-In our purpose

-In our work

-In our worship.

Invitation: Will you join us in unity as we serve the Lord together.

-Together in Christ.

-Together in this church (membership)

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