Summary: Today, we have unity with one another and with God by the blood of Jesus Christ.

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1. Introduction (2:11-13)

a. You were once without Christ (11-12)

i. You were aliens from the commonwealth of


ii. You were strangers from the covenants of


iii. You had no hope and were without God in the


b. You are now in Christ (13)

i. You have been brought near by the blood of


2. The blood of Christ reconciles us to one another


a. The blood of Christ breaks down barriers

i. The blood of Christ broke down the middle

wall of separation

b. The blood of Christ abolishes enmity

i. The blood of Christ abolished the enmity

(the law of commandments contained in


c. The blood of Christ makes peace

i. The blood of Christ creates one new man

from the two, thus making peace

3. The blood of Christ reconciles us to God (2:16-18)

a. The blood of Christ reconciled them to God in

one body thereby putting to death the enmity

between the two (16)

b. The words of Christ preached peace between the

two because the blood of Christ gives both

groups access by one Spirit to the Father (17-18)


A story is told of an old pioneer settler in the Old West. He had a beautiful ranch and he and his family were very happy. All the people who had settled land around him were good, friendly people. They never had any trouble with their neighbors because they were all friends and got along wonderfully. One day, the old settler was sitting on his porch when a wagon pulled up. It turns out the man in the wagon was from back east and was looking for a stake to claim. So he asked the settler, “What kind of neighbors do you have?” He was kind of surprised when the old man answered his question with a question of his own. He asked, “Well, what kind of neighbors did you have back East?” The easterner told him, “They were cranky, unfriendly, and cantankerous.” The settler looked back up at him and said, “I’m afraid that’s the same kind you’ll find here.” So the man left to stake his claim somewhere else. A few days later, another wagon pulled up asking the same question. The settler answered with his same question. This time, the travelers answered that their neighbors were the most kind and loving neighbors in the world. The settler told them, “You’ll find the same kind of neighbors here.” Why did he give the two travelers two completely different answers? Because the settler was a wise man. He knew that unity with others usually starts with ourselves. When our heart is right, it’s a whole lot easier to be right with others. If these settlers fought and argued with their neighbors back East, they would probably do the same thing out West. But if their neighbors were loving and kind, it probably meant they were treated with loving kindness. Unity is a choice. It’s a choice, but it’s not something we can do on our own. If we try to do it on our own, we’ll end up looking at how much more we’ve done to unify than anybody else. Then our attempts at unity just turn into pride. The fact is, there is only one real kind of unity. And that’s the kind that’s only provided by the blood of Jesus Christ. In this passage, Paul starts by reminding the Ephesian Christians who they were before they met Christ. Look at verses 11-12:

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