Summary: 3 of 3 Peter steered the Christians of Asia into the vitality born of their privilege in Christ. What characterizes/Looses/Releases that vitality? To unleash the privilege of spiritual vitality, we must commit to....

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Vitality Born of Privilege


Vitality is tied to freedom...Freedom to move as you please....To live life to the fullest thru God’s blessing...To live for Him with Exuberance, Excitement, with Anticipation...To be Energetic & Lively in your service to Him.


Due to the preciousness of the extreme privilege which we have before us—in having lived in & after the time when the gospel of salvation in Christ by faith has been plainly revealed—we are thus to display a particular manner of vitality in action.

This is displayed in a personal attention to one’s mindset(:13) as well as attention to other commitments(:14-21).

Peter steered the Christians of Asia into the vitality born of their privilege in Christ.

The vitality born of the privilege in Christ possesses a certain character.

What Releases the vitality born by extreme privilege in Christ?

Previously we have found that...To unleash the privilege of spiritual vitality in Christ, We must commit to....




4. The PATTERN(:14-16)

5. The CONFESSION(:17)

6—To unleash the privilege of spiritual vitality, Commit to

The REDEMPTION(:18-19)


:18—“knowing that you were not redeemed with perishable things like silver or gold from your futile way of life inherited from your forefathers,”

“Knowing”—“Reverential awe before God”...“is not based simply on”...“recognition of judgment, but on deep gratitude & wonder at what God has done for” us.—NICNT

Redemption—Something is exchanged/traded for what was once yours.

Redemption of ancestral property is a powerful theme of the Mosaic-Jewish law. Every 50 yrs. the Jubilee ensured that property was temporarily transferred back to its original family with them having the right of ownership. It’s selling may have been due to it’s owner’s having fallen into poverty &/or due to being forced, thru such circumstances, into giving themselves up to slavery.

Ruth—Right of redemption upon Boaz to redeem the property as well as the name of Mahlon/Chilion.

Christians who “conduct fear”(:17) appropriate to themselves the fact that they “were not redeemed with perishable things.” This redemption was a redemption from a personally held “futile way of life”. This futile life was a naturally/fleshly inherited life from one’s forefathers, & as such are readily taught with fervor.

We consider “gold” & “silver” to be more-or-less permanent, as well as their relative worth in comparison to other things. However in God’s scheme of things(‘actual reality’/truth) these are “perishable.” That is, they have no value for permanently “redeeming” human souls.

Usually considered untarnishable—They do not lose value—That’s what makes them precious!—But in God’s economy, they are destined for passing away.

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