Summary: This is part one in a two part sermon dealing with the hardships of family, dysfunctionalysm, and learning to forgive even your most unlikely enemies, your own blood.

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Matthew 10:34-42

You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. Verse 36 in the text says, "And a man’s enemies will be those of his own household." "A man’s enemies will be those of his own household." Mmmm, mmm I feel God in here already. (Sigh) This word on today is by no means going to be an easy one and I sure don’t expect a lot of amens because truthfully I didn’t amen a whole lot off of this word when I got it, and so I hope you got your shout in already because if you didn’t you may have very well missed it until next week. But I hope this word will get somebody delivered and set free today in Jesus name and encourage somebody in a mind change. I want to talk for a little bit of time as the Holy Ghost shall lead and guide from the subject of, "Unlikely Enemies". "Unlikely Enemies." Mmmm, this is going to be tough.(Sigh)

My Brothers and my Sisters, if I could keep it real with you on today for just a little while, I am convinced today beyond a shadow of a doubt that families are one of if not the hardest and most deep-seeded issues and groups of people to deal with. I said they’re hard to deal with. And I believe on today that what has the potential to be an even harder thing to deal with when it comes to families is relationships between saved and unsaved members of the family. I believe that they are hardest to deal with because you’ve got unequal people that are seemingly forced to be bonded together for life by a bloodline and they don’t see eye to eye. We all know what the word says when it says that "We should not be unequally yoked!!" And some of the confrontations that we have between saved and unsaved family members should reveal to us why we really shouldn’t be unequally yoked!!! But not only that, another relationship in families that is hard to deal with is the relationship of an on-fire, holy ghost filled, fire baptized, passionate, and burning for the Lord Christian and one who has backslid and fallen back into the things of this old world. And that’s almost like dealing with a believer and an unbeliever depending on how far backslid the individual is!!! And I think that the last relationship that is so hard to deal with in families is, and this is the one that gets me the most, when you have family members at entirely different levels of spirituality attempting to interact!! Or people with completely different gifts in the spirit realm who just can’t seem to come together in one accord on the same wave length...And that’s difficult because far too often the 2 are not seeing God the same way & in the same light, and if not careful it can bring one of the two down even further...Can I make it plain for you? It’s like God has revealed some things to you in the spirit that have just absoloutely blown your mind about some things that are about to come to pass in your life and you try to share those with your saved loved ones and they immediately say, "Well, there’s no way that can happen because of this, that, & the other and so, and so" And this plants seeds of doubt in your mind concerning that which God has just told you!!!! And so they become dream crashers because they try to crush the spirit of the prophecy for which God has given you...

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