Summary: How to take things and leave things with God

Unloading Burdens

What burdens do we carry that we shouldn’t?

• Will God take care of my needs?

What burdens do we often neglect that we should carry?

• Prayer for the lost

• Sick

• Hungry

• Lonely

Where do we spend most of our time?

• On our own concerns

How do we unload burdens that aren’t ours to carry?

Numbers 11

The people are complaining to Moses about the things they don’t have.

Key points:

• Moses realized that it wasn’t his burden (v. 11)

• Moses mistakenly made it about him (v.11)

o When troubles arise it doesn’t mean that God is mad at us or that we are being punished.

o Troubles come because people do wrong things…even evil things and we can get caught in it.

o The people were ultimately angry at God—it was simply easier to take it out on Moses.

• Moses was able to admit his inadequacy for the task (v. 14)

• Moses followed God’s direction and found the help he needed (vs. 16-17)

How do we put an end to worry?

Matthew 7:25-34

3 Principles

1. Put things in perspective

a. If God has given us life, won’t he give us the things we need to sustain life?

2. Run after the right things

a. Not what the pagans do

b. Righteousness

3. Let go of the things we cannot do anything about

a. Tomorrow can’t be dealt with before it comes.

b. Concentrate on what you can do something about

How do we leave things with God in prayer?

James 1:6-8

• Believe and not doubt

o We trust God

o We can not worry as soon as we pray

o We can begin, at some point, to thank the Lord for hearing and express trust in the best outcome.

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