Summary: Not many christian understands that one of the bible prophecy is playing out in the Middle East and as regards the rise of radical Islamic terror groups. We are at the threshold of the fulfillment of age-long prophecy. We need to watch.

The al queda terror group has been around for quite some time.They had been a big threat to the lives and properties of many nation in Asia,both Central Asia and Middle East.Their murderous activities has leap over the borders of Asia into Europe,America and Africa.The fear of al queda has continually gripped the hearts of millions of lives that lives in these regions.

Very Fresh in our minds is the twin bomb attack by al queda in United States popularly called as 9/11.London in Britain has had his share of the cannibalistic acts of this al queda terror fraternity,when they bombed a sub way train and wasted hundreds of lives in the process.United States had been their sworn enemy as they constantly issues out attack threat to the government of United States.It is not surprising that they had made United States their target because of the role the nation has played in the middle east crisis;the long drawn conflict and war between Israel and Palestine for the possession of the land of Jerusalem.The Holy Land as it is commonly called,is at the center of the tussle and unrelenting stance of the Arabs to gain possession of the Holy Land.

Before I delve deeper into the root of this long drawn crisis as it serves as the root from which the dreaded terror group stems from,may I draw your attention to the international dimension this threat to security by al queda had brought upon the world.

Africa is now a hotbed for the group as emerging islamic militant group are stamping their feet on the soil of the black people's continent.A case in study is Nigeria.Known as the most populous black nation in the world,they had been embroiled by incessant bombings and killings since 2011 by an Islamic Militia called boko haram. Boko haram in the Hausa language which is one of the local language of the northern Nigeria,means "no to western education and civilization"before Boko haram became a dread in Nigeria,especially the Northern part of the country,There has been quite a number of uprising by different Islamic groups,opposing any slight on Mohammed and the rising preponderance of Christianity in the North.

The boko harm Islamic terror group from a movement that wants Islamic laws to be entrenched in the Northern States had grown into a monstrous and murderous group that do not care less but to bomb and kill people,especially Christians,churches and destroy government institutions to insist on their hard stance of islamizing Nigeria.

Mali has had their own Islamic militia as well.They had wanted to topple the government of the day if not for the quick response of International agencies that intervened to quell the destructive mission of this militia.Egypt is in the midst of a civil uprising as the military as taken over form the Muslim brotherhood candidate who became president not too long ago.Egypt was involved in the Arab spring some tines last years which ousted the longest serving President Hosni Mubarak.Thinks took a dramatic twist as the Muslim brotherhood had been a quite, unassuming Islamic fraternity became a key political figure aftermath of the Arab's spring.They are now important in the political affairs of Egypt and they had been very vocal in their resistance to the military takeover from their main man Morsi.

Many of us wake to different news of the Al-queda,Taliban in Afghanistan,Muslim Brotherhood and the Hezebollah in Iran and all kinds of activities of these Islamic groups that poses a huge threat to lives and security in most nations of the world.However,the bible has said this before now,before our age that there will be the rise of Arab's Islamic militias that would shake the world to its foundation.

It all started with Abraham.Yes the embers of this hatred of the Arab against Israel and Western nations was fanned by the impatience of Abraham and Sarah,his wife.Now go to your bible and read Genesis 16:1-12.Here you find the story of how Abraham and the advise of Sarah married one of his maid,Hagar.Hagar was an Egyptian,probably gotten from Egypt when he went there during the famine time.After marrying Hagar,She became pregnant and Hagar begins to disrespect her mistress.Sarah couldn't bear it and told Abraham to send her away.He listened to his wife and send Hagar away.During the way, as Hagar was wandering in the wilderness,God's angel appeared to her and told her to return and submit to her mistress.But the Angel had a unforgettable message for her.The message being a prophecy of the child she would give birth to.The child is to be a son name Ishmael,a wild mild man and his hand is to be against every man, and every man against him, and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.

That male child called Ishmael eventually was born.He and her mother was sent away at the command of GOD to Abraham since he was not the promised son.He and his mother left and settled in the land in wilderness of Paran and married a wife from Egypt.(Genesis 21:20-21) That wilderness of Paran is now the Arabian peninsula where the descendants of Ishmael are today.The hurt and pain of having been sent away from his Father and inheritance as the firstborn child is what is seen in the sons of Ishmael today who are the Arabs,sworn enemies of Israel.The feud did not just start today but it has root in Abraham's mistake and God's prophecy about Ishmael.

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