Summary: This message clearly brings out the error of Mormon teachings about several majorly important matters, including the nature of God.


Pastor Eric J. Hanson (February 28, 2003)

Intro: The term “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” sounds like a nice church name. For many years this group has been trying to be seen as simply a Christian denomination. But there are matters of the group’s doctrine, we need to examine carefully before accepting them as a Christian Church. Let’s do that now.


The Bible was penned by some 40 writers, over a period of 1600 years. Though this book was recorded by people from different eras, education levels, status in life, and occupations, it all holds together with a glorious power, telling one grand story from beginning to end. That story is the grand narrative, told by the loving and all knowing God, of the creation, fall, struggles, and redemption of the human race. The Bible is filled with fulfilled prophecy. It, especially the New Testament Greek parts of it, have more very early manuscripts surviving to this day, than any other work of antiquity. The Bible’s existence is truly a miracle.

The Bible is the standard for Christians the world over. In it, Jesus Christ clearly established the Church and set in motion a countdown to the end of the age. The centerpiece of that countdown is found in Matthew 24: 14 (read). The Bible is capped off with the Book of Revelation, given to the apostle John from the glorified Lord Jesus Christ. This book deals with many things from churches in existence at the time it was given. It also tells of events leading up to eternity future. Revelation is the last word from God, which has the exalted status of scripture. Because it deals with the consumation of history, this book also contains a serious warning regarding adding to or subtracting from it. (Read Revelation 22:18-19)


The name Mormon is supposedly that of a fourth century American prophet, whose son was named Moroni. This long deceased Moroni is, according to the Mormons, now the angel Moroni.

The “LDS” (Latter Day Saints) believe that a man by the name of Joseph Smith was given new revelations for the Americas. These revelations include The Book of Mormon, The Doctrines and Covenants, The Inspired Version of the Bible, The Pearl of Great Price, & The King Follett Discourse. All of these were written or spoken by Joseph Smith between 1830 and 1844.

The existence of these writings and the scriptural status given to them by the LDS is a clear violation of the warning given in Revelation.

Over the course of the 14 years in which these things were written, Smiths ideas about God changed. And these writings contradict each other on several major tenets regarding who or what is God. In 1830, Smith was off base, but not terribly far, regarding who God the Father is. By 1844, his teaching, and Mormon doctrine today, was way far away from the Bible.


The Bible clearly teaches that God is spirit, lives outside of space or time, is eternal and unchanging, and is triune, that is, one being but three persons. (Show scriptures from church statement of faith.)

The LDS teach that God the Father has a body of flesh and bones like ours, though glorified. They teach that He, Adam, and the archangel Michael are all the same person. They teach that God was once an ordinary man.

The Bible clearly teaches that Jesus Christ is God the Word, eternal and unchanging. He participated with the Father and Holy Spirit in the creation and sustaining of the universe. He became a man by miraculous virgin birth, so as to break the flow of sin transmittal. He qualified to be our savior by living a sinless life.

The LDS teach that Jesus Christ was an ordinary man, and is the son of God only in the sense that he descended from Adam. He obtained his current high status as a god by earning it. They further teach that he was married in polygamy to both of the sisters Martha and Mary, as well as to Mary of Magdela. They teach that he had children too. The Mormons believe that one can never advance any higher than an angel in the afterlife unless on marries in this life. (read from 58-59 of Is Mormonism Christian?)

By the way, they teach the lie that angels come from people. The truth is that angels were created as angels, a separate order of creation from people.

The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is God. He was present and active in the creation of the universe and the refining of planet Earth. He can be grieved. He can be quenched. He is a counselor. He imparts power and gifts. He is present everywhere at once. He is Spirit. (read from statement of faith.)

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