Summary: You can pursue your purpose without being shaken by trials and tribulations of life. Learn tools to help you in your journey of reaching your God given destiny!

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You are here for a purpose, a reason, and will operate in your season. I don’t care if you were the product of wedlock or adopted or however you got here – since you are here you are not here just too waste space on the earth.

You were not meant to go aimlessly in life trying to figure out what you were called to do. The enemy doesn’t want you to operate in your purpose or destiny so when you were a little girl, he set up distractions or traps that would deter you. You can’t forget the molestation, or the bullying, or the name calling – stupid, dummy, you will never be anything. Then in your adult life, you have feed on this negativity so long that you are walking around the same mountain over and over again.

There is good news today! You are going to hear some keys to discovering your purpose and destiny. After this session, you should never question what you are called to do on the earth realm.

Keys to Discovering My Purpose and Destiny:

1. You need to know that you have been anointed to fulfill destiny and purpose.

Isaiah 61:1-8

2. Your purpose and destiny can be found in your situation. You may have been in bankruptcy and are now out. Then you may be the person who should open up a financial consulting firm. You may be a battered wife and now you are free. You may be the one with the answer to opening one of the most successful shelters for women/children.

Contemporary Gospel Singer: Wes Morgan – got caught up in drugs and alcohol at the age of 10. He got hooked on cocaine and was living in the streets. He now is one of the greatest Gospel singers in this generation. Now, he ministers to other drug addicts and can be touched by their infirmity. He has a ministry dedicated to helping others who were in his situation.

3. Your purpose and destiny can be found in the gifts that God has given you. (Not just spiritual gifts; but the natural ones).

Perhaps you can make the best sweet potatoes pie every; or cook the baddest greens this side of heaven. Many of you looking at the spiritual gift (which could also be your destiny), but most of the times it’s in your natural gift. Perhaps you like children – open up a daycare to invest in lives. I use to cringe when I went to children’s church and there were 10 babies crying. I knew that wasn’t my gift. I use to see some ladies going “oh, that’s okay”. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs!

Let’s look at the story of Debbie Fields: Who is Debbie Fields you say? She has Ms. Fields Cookies today – a multi-million dollar business. Debbi Fields was born on September 18, 1957 as Debra Jane Sivyer in Oakland, California. She was the youngest of five daughters to her welder father and housewife mother. She was not especially gifted as a youngster, but, as she said, she learned to work as hard as the next person. As a kid she loved making cookies. When she was 13 years old and got her first job at $5 per week, she used this money to buy her ingredient. She married at 19 and became a housewife. Then in 1997, she decided to open a cookie shop and just that with the backing of a banker. Her motto is “Good enough never is”.

Halfway through her first day she had not made a single sale, so she went outside and started handing out her cookies for free. Soon people were streaming in to the shop to buy more of her cookies. She later changed the company name to Mrs. Fields Cookies to allow for other type of cookies than just chocolate chip. Besides being a Harvard Business School case study on business efficiency, Debbi Fields has authored various books including the "Mrs. Fields Cookie Book: 100 Recipes from the Kitchen of Debbi Fields" - the first cook book to make it to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. Debbi Fields is a shining example of a woman that realized the American dream.

From humble beginnings she went on to make it big. She lived and persevered through the unbelief of the naysayers and achieved something that most believed as impossible - a successful cookie business, big business. So after all is said and done, you have to admit Debbi Fields Rose, is one smart (and tough) cookie!

4. Your purpose and destiny can be found in what you are confessing. Saying you will never know means that you will never get there. Start confessing what you see daily.

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Jimmie Hill

commented on Dec 14, 2016

Praise the Lord my Sister you preach that.

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