Summary: Joseph Said: 1. Yes To All His Responsibilities 2. No To Temptation 3. No To Depression & Despair 4. Yes to God’s Control In His Life

Sun. July 4/93 Gen. 39


- They called her the "Millionaire’s Special".

- Four city blocks long. Eleven stories high.

- Powered by triple screws.

- Protected by the latest most ingenious safety devices.

- Luxurious and beautiful beyond words,

- She caught the fancy of the world.

"Her name was the Titanic".

- Today the most expensive movie every made

- The 3 most written subjects

1. Christ 2. Civil War 3. Titanic

- On April 10, 1912 she slipped out of Southampton on her maiden voyage to New York .

- "God Himself could not sink this ship" boasted a deck hand.

- The men who built the ship, the civilized world, the credulous public

All believed and boasted that the ship was unsinkable.

- But God was not mocked.

- Less than 5 days later she went down in 12,000 feet of icy water,

- 3000 feet of her hull ripped open by a massive iceberg.

- It is said that when the captain gave the order to abandon ship, many passengers simply could not believe that the Titanic could possibly sink

- Many refused to board the lifeboats.

- The crew was almost criminally complacent.

- So 1,502 men, women, & children plunged into the depths

Many people are hitting ice bergs that sink them

Financial - Physical - Family - Marital - Personal

- Joseph life had Good News - Bad News -- Ups & Downs

- Joseph was not a THERROMATOR Christian

He was a THERMOSTAT Christian

- Joseph said Yes to 2 things

- And No to 2 things

1. Said Yes To All His Responsibilities

- People are not saying YES to their responsibilities

- Home - Church - Job - Community

- Not a YES man to everything but Yes to the priorities

a. God

b. Mate

c. Children

d. Friends

e. Self

- Say no to Quitting - Failure - To Temptation

- Joseph true to his responsibilities

2. Say No To Temptation

- v.7- 10

- 3 out of 4 husbands are committing adultery

- Joseph did not allow temptation to take hold of him

- Far from home no one knew him but he said no to temptation


1. Reap exactly what you sow

2. Reap in a different season than you sow.

3. Reap allot more than you sow

4. You can’t do anything about what you have sown in the past but you have a new day to start again

3. Joseph Said No To Depression & Despair

- Joseph had every reason for depression and despair:

A. Family rejection

B. Relocation problem

* most who went down to Egypt went down Sp.

C. Had a Job problem

* Not for doing the wrong thing but for doing the right thing

D. Had a prison record

- Would you not agree that he had every reason for despair & depression?

How Do You Say No To These Problems?

+ He captured His environment instead of His environment capturing Him

- What can I do to make this better?

- Most people do not see a brighter future

* 60’s lost their Innocence

* 70’s lost Authority

* 80’s lost Love

* 90’s lost Hope

+ He focused on those who needed Him

- He had a good attitude

4. Joseph Said Yes to God’s Control In His Life

- Note the phrase "The Lord was with Joseph

or (him)

- Both in the bad times and the good times

- Note the beginning and the end of the chapter.

- Joseph loved the Lord

- Joseph served the Lord

- Joseph listened to the Lord

- Who is in control of my life?

- Think of the 5 most important people in your life

- Now who would you give up?

- Now go down your list again and give up one more

- Do it a 3rd & 4th time

- If the last person dies a natural death it leaves you in insecurity

- Is the most important person on your list the Lord?

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