Summary: The kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdoms of our God. Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue describes these kingdoms, and the coming kingdom.

I. Statue of Kingdoms that Affect Heilsgeschichte (Daniel 2)

A. Head of Gold -- Babylon

B. Breast & Arms of Silver -- Medo Persia

C. Belly & thighs of Brass -- Greece

D. Legs of Iron -- Rome

E. Feet of Iron & Clay -- Roman Catholicism

I. Head of Gold -- Babylon

Present Day Iraq (Islamic)

this Kingdom Overthrew Idolatrous Judah Taking Them Captive as Judgment for Their Sins

Hanging Gardens of Babylon -- Wealthy, Strong, Dictator

Tower of Babel -- Mystery, Cultic, Religions in Which the Theology of Demonic Spirits Came in the Scheme of Progressive Revelation

Compare 2 Samuel 24:1 & 1 Chronicles 21:1

II. Breast and Arms of Silver -- Medo-persia

Present Day Iran (Islamic)

Inferior to Gold -- Not as Strong as Dictator or Renowned Wealth

Issued Command to Rebuild Temple

Stories of Ezra, Esther, Nehemiah Occur During this Period

Judgment in the Head of Gold & Mercy in the Breast of Silver

III. Belly & Thighs of Brass -- Greece

Alexander the Great’s Empire Which as Taken Overy by Four Generals at His Death

Brought in the Common Language, Culture & Philosophy to Large Part of the Word Which Prepared for the Preaching of the Gospel and a New Testament in Greek

IV. Legs of Iron -- Rome

Strong Disciplined (Utilitarian) Empire of Rome

Common Government for Easy Travel and Access into Any County

Road System & Roman Army

Galatians 4:4

V. Feet of Iron & Clay -- with 10 Toes

Other Kingdoms Prepared Israel and World for the First Coming of Christ but this Kingdom Prepares for the Second Coming

Through All Kingdoms There Is an Emerging Yet Separate King That Fills the Whole Word Adn Crushes All Other Kingdoms (Revelation 11:15) That Is:

Cut Without Hands out of the Mountain

Shall Never Be Destroyed

Shall Consume All Kingdoms and Stand Forever

Mixture of Iron and Clay -- Stuff That Usually Does Not Mix to Make a Weaker Form of Iron -- Roman Empire

Emperor Constantine in 4th Century Appointed Christianity as State Religion of Rome (Had Previously Been Persecuted) and Appointed the Bishop of Rome as Head of the Church

Mixture of Church and State Caused Church to Become More Worldly than the World to Be Evangelized

Emperor Forced Doctrinal Conformity on Church as Religious Disputes Would Threaten Stability of State

Pope Eventually Became Political Leader and Would Appoint and Excommunicate Kings -- Forbid Communion / Heaven to Nations


Chaining Bible to the Pulpit

Selling Indulgences

Establishment of Holy Roman Empire

Praying to Saints

Pennance for Sins

Confession to Priests

Belief in Evolution

Coexistence of Christianity and Communism

Infallibility of the Pope

Tradition on Same Level as Scripture

Pope and Cardinals Endorsed Hitler’s Extermination of Jews

Roman Empire in a Mixed up Form?

II. Daniel’s 70 weeks

A. 69 weeks fulfilled in Christ’s triumphal entry

B. 70th week is dominion of Antichrist

C. Midweek abomination of desolation

D. Seven seals / seven trumpets >>>> Rapture >>>>>> Seven Vials

1. Matthew 24:30-31

2. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17

3. 1 Corinthians 15:51-58

4. Revelation 14:14-15

5. Revelation 10:5-7

III. Four Kingdoms part of Antichrist’s domain (Daniel 7 & Revelation 13)

A. British Lion & American Eagle

B. Russian Bear

C. German Fourth Reicht Leopard

D. Ten horned kingdom

IV. Seven Ages of Christianity

A. Ephesus -- first post-apostolic generation

B. Smyrna -- persecuted by Rome

C. Pergamos -- merges with Rome

D. Thyatira -- corrupted by paganism

E. Sardis -- splits during Reformation

F. Philadelphia -- during revival ages

G. Laodicea -- post-modern apathy

V. Seven Seals (Revelation 6-8)

A. White Horse (cf Zechariah 6:3-8 & Revelation 6:1-2) -- CATHOLICISM

1. North -- quieted God’s Spirit in North

2. Bow, crown, conquering (peacefully)

B. Red Horse (cf Zechariah 6:2 & Revelation 6:3-4) -- SOCIALISM

1. Takes peace, kills, has great sword

C. Black Horse (cf Zechariah 6:2-6 & Revelation 6:5-6) -- CAPITALISM

1. North -- quieted God’s Spirit in North

2. Balances in hand

D. Pale -- Grisled / Bay Horses (cf Zechariah 6:3-7 & Revelation 6:7-8)

1. South

2. Death & Hell

3. 1/4 earth killed by sword, hunger, death, and beasts

E. Souls slain for Word of God and testimony

F. Signs in Heaven and Earth (Revelation 6:12-17)

1. Earthquake, sun blackened, moon became blood

2. Isaiah 13:6-10

3. Joel 2:30-32

4. Joel 3:13-16

5. Sealing of 144,000 (Revelation 7:1-8)

6. Great multitude of all nations redeemed (Revelation 7:9-17)

G. Silence in heaven for 30 minutes (Revelation 8:1)

VI. Seven Trumpets

A. Hail & fire mingled with blood (Revelation 8:7)

1. 1/3 of vegetation burnt

B. Fiery mountain cast in sea (Revelation 8:8-9)

1. 1/3 of ships destroyed

2. 1/3 of sea becomes blood

3. 1/3 sea creatures die

C. Star Wormwood falls in fresh water (Revelation 8:10-11)

1. 1/3 Fresh waters made bitter

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