Summary: 3 of 5. Jesus presented a model to guide His disciple's praying. We are neither praying nor truly free until we seek God's face. We are not praying & we are not free until we embrace...

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UNTIL WE PRAY-III—Matthew 6:5-15


We have discovered that our independence as a nation is tied to prayer.

We also realize that our ministries as a church are bound to prayer as well.

We cannot celebrate our ministry efforts unless we celebrate independence from sin, self, & the world, thru a dependence upon God in Christ.


?Can a country receive God’s blessings when it will not embrace the true & living God?

?Can our ministry efforts receive God’s blessings when we will not embrace the true & living God?

Jesus presented a model to guide His disciples praying.

God’s people have guidance to help them in prayer.

How are God’s people to direct/guide their prayers?

When are our prayers successful?

10 realities which must be embraced for successful prayer.

Until we Pray we are not free...

We are not free until we embrace...

1. God’s MANNER(:9a)

2. God’s FATHERHOOD(:9b)

3. God’s REVERENCE(:9c)

4. God’s SOVEREIGNTY(:10a)

5— We are not free until we embrace...

God’s DESIRE(:10b-c).>.>.>.>.>.>.>

5— We are not free until we embrace...

God’s DESIRE(:10b-c)


:10—“Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven.”

God’s people must also seek for God’s “will” to be done. Our prayers should be so directed that we should request God’s “will” be completed on earth in the same manner as it now exists “in heaven,” i.e., that all men will put God at the helm of their lives so obedience becomes the rule among men. Yet, in order to accomplish so in prayer, we must be the very ones thru whom God’s “will” is residing.

“Will”—yelhma—1) What one wishes or has determined shall be done—1a) Of the purpose of God to bless mankind through Christ, 1b) Of what God wishes to be done by us—1b1) Commands, precepts; 2) Will, choice, inclination, desire, pleasure. Strong—A determination (properly, the thing), i.e. actively--Choice; specially--Purpose, decree; abstractly--Volition; or passively--Inclination.

“Be done”—ginomai—1) To become, i.e. to come into existence, begin to be, receive being; 2) To become, i.e. to come to pass, happen; 3) To arise, appear in history, come upon the stage; 4) To be made, finished; 5) To become, be made. Strong—To cause to be ("gen"-erate), i.e. reflexively--To become(come into being), used with great latitude (literal, figurative, intensive, etc.).

“Earth”—gh—1) Arable land; 2) The ground, the earth as a standing place; 3) The main land as opposed to the sea or water; 4) The earth as a whole—4a) The earth as opposed to the heavens, 4b) The inhabited earth, the abode of men & animals; 5) A country, land enclosed within fixed boundaries, a tract of land, territory, region. Strong—contracted from a primary word; Soil; by extension--A region, or the solid part or the whole of the terrene globe(including the occupants in each application).

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