Summary: The prophecy of Isaiah was more than just an abstract description of the coming Messiah; it tells us of the personal application of his titles.

The passage in Isaiah 9: 6-7 is one of the spectacular prophecies given in the book of Isaiah about Messiah’s coming. I have read this passage many times, sung it, and heard it read. This week, however, two words have come alive in my spirit; two little words that change the whole perspective of this prophecy. Those words are “UNTO US.”

They change this from a vague and impersonal word to a powerful personal prediction; they take the merely theoretical and transform it into the practical.

The great truths of this passage are good alone but lack application. Without these two small words, the verses lack personal significance. With them, they offer great hope and individual consolation.

A person may be a number of good things and still have no effect on me.

For instance, there may be a man who is rich, well respected, a good and caring father, devoted husband and any of a number of other positive traits. But his wealth is of no use to us. He is not our father so his parenting skills don’t help us. He is not our spouse so his being a great husband has little to do with us.

But Isaiah tells us that this “child”, this “Son” was born and given unto us. What He is in this verse He is in relation to us. He came for us, for our benefit.

He is not just abstractly wonderful—He is Wonderful in our lives.

He is not just some counselor—He is our Counselor.

He is not some far removed deity—He is our Mighty God.

He is not just someone’s father—He is our Everlasting Father.

He is not peace in an abstract way—He is our Peace.

1. He came for our benefit.

2. He came to where we were—because we could not go where He was.

3. If we want the benefits of being with Him, He will come to us and apply them as needed.

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