Summary: Part 3 of the series There Is Power In the Blood. At the time of the Crucifixion some unusual signs pointed to Jesus as the Messiah.

There Is Power In the Blood – Part 3

Unusual Signs of the Crucifixion

I. Introduction

For the past few weeks we have been doing a Bible study entitled There Is Power in the Blood. The purpose of this study has been to learn why God puts such a great importance on this red stuff flowing through our veins called blood. I’ve taken a different approach in this study than is usually taken when teachers speak about the blood of the Lamb and the cross of Calvary. I’m hoping to give you some information and details that are not normally taught so that you can have a bigger, more in-depth picture of everything that has occurred and why. God has given us more than just the basics of understanding. He has provided His children with knowledge and details to encourage and strengthen our faith. That is what, I hope, this series of Bible studies will give to you.

A. Review

In the first teaching we went all the way back to the beginning, in heaven. We learned that the first sin ever committed occurred in heaven in the very temple of God. Lucifer or Satan was an anointed cherub who committed the sin of pride and defiled the heavenly temple.

Looking at Hebrews 9:22 and Leviticus 17:11 we learned that the only way for anything to be cleansed from sin and made right is through the shedding of blood. But not just any blood will do. Last week we saw that all of mankind has blood, but that it is tainted by sin. Therefore, our blood, no matter how good we are, is unacceptable as a sacrifice for sin.

Only one man in all of history had perfect, sinless, untouched blood. And that was Jesus Christ. He made the perfect sacrifice, because He didn’t inherit the sin-corrupted blood of Adam. Instead, Jesus was born of a virgin and received His blood from His Heavenly Father. Jesus, likewise, lived a sinless life, so only His blood was acceptable as a replacement for ours. Only He could legitimately take our place and pay our penalty, and restore our souls.

B. Everyone Agrees on Jesus’ Death

“Historical records could swim in the blood of past victims of crucifixion. Yet, no single death carries more historical weight than the day a tall, suntanned Nazarene hung between heaven and earth. All history revolves around the day that God, man, and the devil were in agreement…and that was the day Christ was crucified.

“Man said [Jesus] must die. His fiery proclamations and common teachings were drawing mass crowds throughout the region. He was a political threat to Rome and a religious threat to the Pharisees and Sadduccees. Man said, “Kill Him.”

“(Satan) said He had to die. Pigs were drowning by the thousands in a Galilean lake. Dead, religious church members were (being) given eternal life…Screaming maniacs were putting on new clothes and going to church. Jesus was bad for the devil’s business and the devil wanted Him dead.

“And God (also) said He must die. But not for the same reasons. God said, ‘I want man back. He is my beloved creation. I want the power of sin destroyed.’ God said, ‘Jesus, You have to die.’ And Jesus accepted the Father’s will in the garden of Gethsemane when He said, “…not My will but Thine be done,” (Matthew 26:39). And the Lamb went to the slaughter.”

Today, we are going to switch gears a little bit. We’re still going to talk about the blood of Jesus, but I want to show you some fascinating events that occurred at the crucifixion or death of our Savior and how they help fill out the complete picture of everything that was going on at the time.

At the time that the ultimate sacrifice was being made at Calvary some unusual signs were occurring. They were, I believe, signs aimed at the Jewish people – showing them that their long awaited Messiah had come. But even though these signs were given to the Jews, very few actually heeded them.

II. The Sign of the Inscription

So, let’s take a look at the first sign, the sign of the inscription on the cross.

“One seemingly unimportant (and therefore often overlooked) item which was reported in the gospel of John made the religious leaders very angry at the crucifixion of Jesus. It was the inscription written by Pilate and nailed to the cross. That inscription caused a great deal of anxiety within the ranks of the Scribes and Pharisees. There is an astonishing discovery to be found in the inscription on the cross, which will reveal the reason for their anger.”

As you may know Jesus was crucified on a very important day in the Jewish calendar. He was crucified on their holy day of Passover. This means that their holy city of Jerusalem, where Jesus died, would have been packed with Jews who had come to celebrate Passover.

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