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Unwise Ways of Selecting Elders

* Choosing elders on the basis of popularity

* Politically campaigning for people who are from your own web of friends and confidants

* Selecting men who are wealthy

* Selecting men who are advanced in age or successful in business, education or politics

* Lobbying for men who are good public speakers

* Choosing men who have proven to have good connections to powerful people

* Choosing men who enjoy being in the limelight

* Choosing men who will use their power for advancement in numerous ways in the society

* Selecting men who are respected by big people

* Selecting men who know how to persuade others

* Electing men who are good at making promises

* Picking men who have good a formal education

* Choose men who have an influential family

* Choose men who do not have been caught in sin

* Choose men whose children are famous people

* Choose men who are strong and determined

* Choose men who work hard and long at a task

* Pick men who appear to be honest and upright

* Pick men who with a long history in the church

* Pick men who are willing to fight for what they believe and publicly espouse

* Select men who associate themselves with powerful people in all walks of society

* Select men who are able to present ideas in a convincing manner

* Elect men who always show up for worship

* Choose men who love the public's approval

* Choose men who are quick to act in crisis

* Choose men who are faithful in prayer meetings

* Select men who are consistent in their service

* Select men who will assist with big problems

* Elect men who are patient with their leaders

* Select men who know how to have a good time

* Select men who are faithful to their leaders

* Pick men who know how to compromise with people in the world in order to get things done

Wise Ways of Selecting Elders

* Choosing elders on the basis of Godliness

* Meeting regularly with the congregation to ask God for wisdom in selecting men of character

* Selecting men who are walking with God

* Selecting men who know God, are committed to the planting and growing of Christ's church

* Choosing men who are committed to fulfilling Christ's great commission (Matthew 28:19,20)

* Choosing men who are well connected to God and to other Godly people who have fruitful lives

* Choosing men who are willing to serve others

* Choosing men who will use their position to advance other people in opportunities to serve

* Selecting men who are respected by the Godly

* Selecting men who know how teach the scripture

* Electing men who have proven spiritual fruit

* Picking men who know how to apply the Bible

* Choose men who can manage their household

* Choose men pure in heart and in lifestyle

* Choose men whose children walk with God

* Choose men who submit to God in every areaChoose men who have a balance between accomplishing their tasks and loving people

* Pick men who have proven their honesty to God

* Pick men whose faith is worth imitating

* Pick men who are willing to fight the good fight of faith and express publicly that in clear terms

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