Summary: This message takes a look at Christmas and shows how Christ is God’s perfect gift to man.

Unwrapping the Gift of Jesus

I’m starting to enjoy Christmas again

Christmas as a child

What would the perfect gift be?


Do you get any value from not opening it?

You don’t know the worth until you open it!

The person who has given it knows

So let’s spend two weeks unwrapping Christmas

God originally gave an amazing gift to the Israelites

Established covenants or promises

He gave them privileges no other people ever had

They were His people

But the worth of the gift wasn’t realized by the people

They abused it and became a mocked people

Ez. 16:4-5

God granted grace and raised Israel up

Israel betrayed God and sold herself to other gods

Ne. 2:17

God knew He would need a perfect, indescribable gift

Jump forward 400 years | Luke 2:12

Shepherds minding their own business

God seems to interrupt a lot

Noah, Abraham, Jonah

They would find a well taken care of baby

This child was God’s perfect gift

2 Co. 9:15

What couldn’t happen through Israel, God would do through Jesus

Rude to not provide a way to the gift

No, “Do not open until Christmas”, tag

You can access this gift all year, not just at Christmas

God would establish a way to access this perfect gift

Christ brings grace, forgiveness, purpose, love and mercy into our lives

You can turn your life over to Christ today

Belief, Repentance, Confession, Baptism

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