Summary: Looks at the Legend that God wants us to be happy above all else.

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Last week we started a new series called Urban Legends.

We saw some pictures of big foot and a video of a cell phone popping popcorn. Well, I have discovered that this is not only with American phones but phones across the world as well.

Check this out.


Slide after Video

I promise, as a service to our congregation, we at Hickory Creek will continue to investigate this to make sure our people safe from the cooking effects of cell phones on our brains.

Imagine if it takes a microwave on full power a whole minute before popcorn will start to pop, what is happening to your brain if it only takes a couple of rings on a cell phone to emit enough energy to pop some popcorn. But have no fears, we will keep you informed if this is as true as it appears to be or if it is an urban legend.

Last week recap

Now last week we saw that urban legends don’t just happen in the secular world, but there are Spiritual Urban Legends.

We talked about the Spiritual urban legend that says

God won’t give you more than you can handle.

That is an urban legend because while we won’t face temptation beyond what we can handle, God does give us more than we can handle to help us learn to

Carry each others burdens

Rely on God’s strength and to

Prioritize our best choices.


Well, this morning, we are going to look at another urban legend that says

God wants You to be happy.


What, the statement that God wants me to be happy is an Urban Legend?

How can that be? Does God want me unhappy?


God’s desire is Not for you to be unhappy.

Well if that is the case, how is the statement that “God wants you to be happy” an Urban Legend?

Well, first we need to understand, that when this statement is said, it does usually not stand alone. Most of the time it is preceded by another statement that goes something like this.

I am just not happy being married to my wife anymore, so I am going to get a divorce because God wants me to be happy.

I am so happy being in a relationship with my boyfriend, but if we don’t go further than I want, he won’t like me anymore and will break up with me, so I am going to give in to his advances because God wants me to be happy.

The statement that God wants you happy is usually said with the meaning that God wants me happy above all else.

Now parents can relate to this.

We want our kids to be happy. But often things that will make them happy in the moment are not things that are good for them.

“I want candy for dinner…don’t you want me to be happy?”

“I don’t want to go to school…school does not make me happy…don’t you want me to be happy?”

And the reality is, whether we are adults or kids, I believe the thing that we think will make us happy, often will actually make us happy…for a time.

Skipping school will make us happy that day, but not for the long haul.

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