Summary: 2 Samuel 12:1-23

WOMEN OF WONDER - Uriah’s Wife (Bathsheba): Another Man’s Lamb

May 26, 2019

2 Samuel 12:1-23 (p. 215)


I was watching this documentary the other day about the Lincoln assassination and they interviewed some of the elderly descendants of John Wilkes Booth.

One of them was the 97 year old great niece. As she talked she mentioned there was an unspoken rule during family get-togethers that you did not mention his name or bring up that subject in conversation. She said, “Everyone knew…everyone felt a sense of pain and shame…but God help you if you mentioned it!!!”

Matthew has already mentioned the name Tamar who dressed as a prostitute so she could fool her father in law Judah into having sex…she got pregnant with twins through this incestuous relationship…Perez, one of those twins was in the lineage of Jesus.

Matthew has no problem mentioning the name Rahab…she was a prostitute by trade in Jericho until by faith she rescued some Israeli spies…and is saved by a scarlet cord!

Matthew writes the name Ruth with no problem…a descendant of Lot (who got drunk and got his daughter pregnant)…Ruth was a Gentile and an unbeliever who became a grandmother through the Guardian Redeemer Boaz…

But when you come to verse 6, Matthew writes: “And Jesse the father of King David. David was the father of Solomon, WHOSE MOTHER HAD BEEN URIAH’S WIFE.”

Did Matthew have a memory lapse while listing the genealogy? Has the name Bathsheba just slipped his mind?

I don’t think so…Bathsheba is the woman David committed adultery with…she became pregnant by David…So, David has her husband Uriah killed intentionally in battle…It’s murder. She then marries the man who has killed her husband…in punishment, this child dies.

One commentator wrote…“Their sin is so heartbreaking that Matthew blushes at even the thought of mentioning her name.”

I don’t know…my first thought is…we’re not talking about equals here…at least in King David’s time…He’s a King…she’s a woman…a soldier’s wife. Kings usually get what they want and if you don’t comply, “It's off with your head.”

But my wife…who is a woman, asked me… “Was her roof the only place she had to take a bath? Didn’t she know she could be seen from the palace? Uhhh…I would think…“YES.”

Why does Matthew not write her name? Is it because King David is the key figure here? Is it because she never repented of adultery (or at least we have no record of it). Is it because of shame or for her protection. I don’t know…but she is included in the messianic line for the primary reason…A Savior came through sinners…lets look at the story. First of all:


2 SAMUEL 11:1-5 (p. 214)

If you look at the early chapters of second Samuel they are filled with King David’s victories.

David’s victories over the 1st King’s House, Saul, it lasted a long, long line…David’s house grew stronger and stronger…David’s reclamation of Jerusalem…David defeats the Philistines of Jerusalem…(Goliath’s crowd)…David brings the Ark of the Covenant back to the temple in the Holy City.

In fact, Chapter 8 is entitled…“David’s victories toward the end of it says “The Lord gave David victory wherever he went.” (v. 11) David reigned over all Israel doing what was just and right for all his people.” (v. 12) And Chapter 9 in 2 Samuel is the “feel good, tear jerking, grab your heart” chapter in the Old Testament…

David remembers his best friend Jonathan (Saul’s son) and he says…is there anyone left in this family that I can show my love for Jonathan to? And Jonathan has a crippled son…name “Mephibosheth” and David brings him and his family into the palace and cares for them as his own…yeah…see!!!)

In Chapter 10…David defeats the biggest enemy of the Israelites…the Ammonites (also descendants of Lot…through his youngest daughter…yes, he was drunk that time as well).

So in Chapter 11 when spring rolls around…when it’s time to get back in the fight…David…Uhh, “rests.” “He retires from the fight.”

David doesn’t go out to war…He sends Joab, his general to fight for him…They destroy the enemy, but David stayed in Jerusalem.

It’s a little like us thinking…“I don’t need to serve Jesus anymore…I’ll let someone else take care of the lost and hurting.”

I’m afraid many times “Spring has sprung” for way too many Christians…Way too many of us retire from the fight and rest at home hoping others will do the dangerous warfare…we go up on the rooftop so we can oversee things…and we retire from the spiritual battle.

Let me share with you what lurks for those who do this:


I do believe one of the reasons Bathsheba isn’t mentioned by name here in Matthew’s genealogy is the emphasis is on King David and not her…David’s sin with Uriah’s wife.

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