Summary: We must stay in God’s Word so that the lessons of faith we have learned can continue to be lived in our daily lives.

“Use Your Head!”

Galatians 3:1-5

Mike was heading off to college. He had spent the last 18 years of his life with those who had loved him most, but now he was packing up, pulling out, and staking a claim on a new life of his own.

When Mike arrived at the University he completed all of the paper work, unpacked his bags in his dorm room, met his new roommate, and prepared himself for the first day of class.

As the weeks rolled by Mike wasn’t having any problem with the course work, but he sure missed home. He never realized how much he enjoyed his family until he was not able to see them every day. He never realized that his mom was a world-class chef until he had to eat cafeteria food every day, and he never realized how good he had it until he didn’t have it any more. Mike was lonely. He called home and his parents heard the heaviness in his voice. They encouraged him to get involved in something, they asked him if he had found a church, and they encouraged him to meet some new friends.

One day while Mike was studying in the Student Center for an upcoming class when another student came up and sat down. He introduced himself and said that he recognized Mike from having him in History class. The stranger asked “get-to-know-you-questions” like “Where are you from? How many hours are you taking? What’s your major? and “What dorm are you living in?” They talked for about 30 or 45 minutes and then the guy had to go so he could get to class. As he left he said, “I’ll see you in class.”

The next time history class rolled around the guy walked into the room and spotted Mike. He made his way to the back of the room, smiled, and took a seat next to Mike. After class he asked Mike if he would like to go with him to “The Hall” to eat lunch…it’s free. Who could pass up a free meal? Mike went with the guy and when they arrived at a big house just off campus there were probably 50-60 college guys and girls already there waiting for the meal to be served. Everyone was so friendly. Everyone was introducing themselves. Mike, who knew nobody just a day before, now had 50 instant friends.

A man appeared from the kitchen with an infectious personality and a smile that would light the night sky. He welcomed everyone, invited them to bow their heads to give thanks for the meal, and said, “We’re glad you’re here! We want our home to be your home while you are here at college.”

Mike enjoyed an awesome meal listening to everyone around him. The kids were from all over the country and all of them seemed so happy and excited to see one another. Mike left the meal that day excited about finding some new friends.

As the semester rocked along Mike got more and more involved with the group of college kids. He started going to a Bible study with them on Tuesday nights, he went to the luncheon every Wednesday, and he signed-up for a weekend retreat just before Christmas break. There were things that Mike heard during the Bible study that sounded different than anything he had heard while he was going to church at Grace Presbyterian back home, but he brushed if off since he wasn’t really awake or paying attention on most Sundays.

Mike was paying attention now. He couldn’t help but pay attention with all of the other kids so eager to learn. They were taking notes, they had the most incredible worship times that he had ever experienced (a far cry from the dragging organ he use to listen to back home), and the warmth of the group made him want to be there.

Mike called his mom and dad and told them about the group of kids that he had gotten involved with at school. His parents asked, “What denomination are they?” Mike didn’t know. They said, “Do they teach the Bible?” Mike said, “I go to Bible study with them every week.” They said, “Mike, we’re glad that you’ve found some friends, but you need to ask some questions to find out more about the group.” Mike was kind of discouraged that his parents weren’t more excited about his new friends, but at the same time his folks raised some questions in his mind that made him think.

The next time he went to history class he found his buddy. When class was over they were heading to lunch together at “The Hall” and Mike asked, “What denomination is our group affiliated with?” Mike’s buddy kind of brushed off the question and said, “I don’t really pay too much attention to denominations. I just know in my heart that I’ve found the people God wants me to be with as I seek Him.”

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