Summary: This sermon is designed to help an individual to more effectively use the Word of God.

Using the Mighty Weapon

II Corinthians 10:4-6

I. To Demolish the Fortresses (4b)

A. Constructed by Satan

B. Conceals Souls

C. Consists of Sin

II. To Destroy the Falsehoods (5a)

A. Doctrines Formed

B. Definite Following

C. Deceit Found

III. To Display a Foundation (5b)

A. Contemplations Observed

B. Choices Offered

C. Christ Obeyed

IV. To Defend the Faith (6a)

A. Standing Aware

B. Sensing Argument

C. Stopping Aggravation

V. Delight in Fulfillment (6b)

A. Precise Time

B. Personal Testimony

C. Proceed Together

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