Summary: Church was designed in the New Testament to be a place where everyone should be using their spiritual gifts in serving together, it will change your life forever!

Look no further than lifechange stories like this to know why the church matters to GOD.

WELCOME CAMPUS Church matters

What is the perception of CHURCH to those outside the faith


These perceptions break my heart. WHY because I know what church is SUPPOSED to be. Jesus started the church. We’re left with much instruction in the New Testament. What should the church be?

STUDY THE BIBLE 2 Timothy 2:15


WORSHIP GOD Luke 4:8, John 4:23

HELP EACH OTHER Galatians 6:2

LIVE AS GODLY PEOPLE Titus 2:11-12…when YOU leave here! WHY?? Because….

TAKES JESUS TO THE WORLD Ephesians 4:12, Matt 28:18-20

Invite Cards, Big Push, NEW Sat 7:00 service!

PEOPLE gathering together, PRAISING God, HEARING the word, GROWING in Christ, using their GIFTS to love JESUS, serve OTHERS while telling the world about CHRIST.

We have our part and God has HIS!

JESUS IS THE HEAD of the church Col 1:18, Eph 5:23

Jesus started this whole thing WITH YOU IN MIND!

Church in the NT is designed for YOU. To get involved, get dirty, messy…designed as a team sport. Are you currently using your gifts? Within the CHURCH?

Lifechange is needed if you’re not involved. God is waiting for you. He already knows who you CAN be, He’s just waiting for you to become it. To take that first step. To engage and commit.

OH HE SAID COMMIT!!!! Commitment is such a scary word to most of us, especially with God, we’re scared of blowing it or not following through. Making a commitment to God usually means we’re going to lose a part of our lives that we really want to keep.

MY Time, MY energy, MY habits, MY schedule, MY reputation, MY comfort zone…..blah blah blah

MY MY MY. It’s all about ME.

We should be looking at God saying, YOURS YOURS YOURS

1st step, commitment. Throw yourself in the ring. God will make sure your life will NEVER be the same!

Oh but Kyle I’m broken, I’m not in a good place. BEST TIME to realize 1 Peter 2:24 Jesus bore your sins on the cross! HIS wounds healed YOU. NOT your wounds made you tougher, or YOUR wounds prevent movement forward…NO…YOU were broken, not anymore. COMMIT. NOBODY HAS IT ALL TOGETHER! TAKE THAT STEP!

I knew a guy, Sunday church, drunk, high, ran out of the service down the center isle got to the bathroom and was puking his guts out. While in there, messed up, sick…one of the singers on the worship team came in, didn’t know he was there. Singer was warming up his voice, doing his hair, checking his zipper☺

Guy puking just thought, GOD, please. I want to have what he has. I’m tired of who I am.

Being at the bottom is the best place to be because only Jesus can lift you out!

Takes FIRST step to change the course of your entire life.



Feeling pressured? It’s not coming from ME. I’m merely giving you the opportunity to take the first step. You NOT doing it won’t affect my life one bit. This isn’t about me, or the church…this is about YOU and who God wants you to be.

We are ready for you to take that step of commitment! We want to give you a path in which to take action later in the service! Now is the time.

I pray God is speaking. I’m passionate about lifechange, I get fired up in encouraging you to take that step, own up, step up and give it all to God in serving. I KNOW WHAT IT WILL DO FOR YOUR LIFE.

God will use it to change the entire course of your life, when you commit fully to Him, within the church, the way the church is supposed to be!


How do I know? Because that guy puking in that toilet WAS ME. The guy preaching was LEE POWELL. The church was CEDARCREEK. 12 weeks after my first experience at CedarCreek I got up, walked down the center isle, drunk, high, hugging a toilet as Jay Guerrero unknowingly warmed up his voice in that bathroom, that Sunday getting ready to use his gifts for the LORD and a 21 year old misguided, self absorbed, selfish kid sat hugging a toilet…thinking to himself…

SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE. God took my willingness to go ALL IN and I’ve never been the same, He’s ready to do the same for you.

You have to take that first step and go all in for HIM

I’m Kyle Gray and God used CedarCreek to change my life.

He’s ready to do the same in YOU, are you willing?


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