Summary: As cool and good as the valley, it is a place where terrible animals are found.

PSALM 23:4

“ Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and they staff, they comfort me.”


Deep hollow between mountains; a low land flanked on both sides by high lands.

It always has deep waters, streams, and wells flowing through. Shepherds love valleys because of the green grass growing there that can be good food for their flocks. The fact that it is flanked by mountains on both sides shades if from direct sunlight; covered by the shadow of the mountains. The height of the mountains could impose darkness on the valley; at day time and the prevailing temperature will be very cool. As cool and good as the valley, it is a place where terrible animals are found. Animals like bears, wolves serpents, etc. because they like the atmosphere of the valley. It could be in a valley that David fought with bears and lions and he won because the Lord was with him.

In the valley, there could be thunderstorms and flood and rocking’s falling from the mountains. As cool as the valley is, it could be very dangerous.

“Though I walk trough the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me: thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.”

A person could be passing through the valley of sickness, financial loss, frustration, marital turbulence and disgrace, dishonour and the most dangerous one is the valley of the shadow of death.


A figure produced from the blockage of light by another figure. It is not the real thing, it is a representation of it. The shadow of a dog cannot bite because it is not the real animal. The shadow of a serpent cannot bite. The shadow o f a gun cannot kill. No matter how dark a shadow could be, it reminds one of the presence of light because it is when light is shielded, that a shadow is produced.

Thanks to the lord for the preservation of your life. Many of the places you have passed through, are valleys of the shadow of death. You passed through those places because the Lord is with you.



There are different creatures in the valley. The first and most prominent which must be dealt with, is fear.

1) Fear: Men run away from dangerous animals, electricity, accidents etc, because they fear death. People go about looking for charms from herbalists because they fear death.

People carry out sacrifices and join cults and lodges because of the fear of failure and death.

When the fear of death grips you, you die before your time. When the fear of poverty grips you, you die before your time. It is a tragedy for a poor man to refer to you as a poor man.

There was a man who said “NO” to poverty. He was provoked to rebel against the spirit of poverty because, one day, someone came to look for him at the school and a student helped them out. They went to the church and the student found the teacher’s sandals amongst others at the entrance of the church. It was a tattered pair of sandals, which the teacher had always worn and was identified with. He was surprised that they knew where he was. When he asked them, the boy said he saw his sandals and recognized them. It was that day that the teacher started war against the spirit of poverty.

When fear gets hold of a person, it opens the door to other demons. Fear is something that gets hold of people and no one else can deliver them from it except the Lord, through prayers and the word of God. Fear distracts people from the Lord, on whom they should focus. If it were said that the lord Jesus would appear in the room where you are and that He would be there for just one second, your focus would be on the door; so that you will not miss Him. Suddenly, you hear someone shout; “snake, snake” your attention will be shifted from the door to the direction of the cry. This is fear. However some people will be undaunted; because they know what it means for them to see Jesus at the moment He arrives they will not shake, even though the snake is creeping all over them.

Fear paralyses faith. David says; “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.”

There is a saying that “thousands die before their death”.

Fear buries spiritual growth. It announces your location to destructive agents. It is a terrible thing and most common demon in the world.

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