Summary: Vision is something that we want to do, not something that we wish to do.

Where there is no VISION, the people perish: but he that keeps the law, happy is he. Proverbs 29:18

Are you facing life’s fiercest challenges? Are there stalking giants in your life that make you feel like a limp grasshopper when you face them? How do you assess your life on the basis of reality - facts and figures? You want to keep the fight on, right? You’d wish to become like a gallant knight in shining armor, wouldn’t you? There’s a way through, my friend. But you need one essential virtue - Vision. Vision is not a mystical insight or foresight of some fabulous scenario beyond the borders of reality. It is neither a spectacular figment of imagination, nor an object of a sordid obsession. No; not at all. Vision is more of an ability to perceive what God has in store, and the courage to pursue it. There’s more about vision as a God-given ability rather than a whimsical fantasy in a wonderland:

Vision entails the ability to feel God’s presence in an uncaring world. At times we ignore God especially in times of prosperity. How easily we revel with these words, "Rejoice oh my soul, for you have plenty". We make God an unnoticed guest in our wasteful celebrations. But often times we implore God in times of poverty. How gruffly we whine, "Regret oh my soul, for you have empty". How ungrateful of us. Many times we forget that God is the source of our life and our being. Worse by far, we blatantly hint at God for our miseries. God promised not to leave us nor forsake us. He is there with us all the time - high and low.

Vision employs the ability to find God’s power in a suffering world. There’s much good in having strong belief in the power of God, confidence on other people and on self, by the grace of God. These are crucially important. The apostle Paul stressed in his second letter to the church in Corinth that God’s power is revealed through our weakness. Indeed. It is when we cringe to ourselves that God would charge in our lives. Believe me on this, "God’s power is retained through our faithfulness". It is when we are continually tapped in God’s power that we remain victorious in life.

Vision engages the ability to focus on God’s plan in a confusing world.

The world is aiming for peace but it is achieving war; it is focusing on global prosperity but it is facing global poverty. World leaders struggle to make this planet a better habitat for mankind. Has it been? You judge. Determination hangs tough when the going gets rough. Even in a world that is negative and hostile, where the majority says, "We Can’t", you can. Trust God, my friend, you can. Vision requires us to defy the uncertain and take several radical steps. First, go for God even without completely knowing the destination. Second, obey God even without fully understanding the instruction. Third, delight in God even without clearly seeing the conclusion.

Do you have a vision? Do you want one? You can have it right here and right now. Then only, you will have the ability to feel God’s presence in an uncaring world, find God’s power in a suffering world and focus on God’s plan in a confusing world.

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