Summary: There is a connection between faith and vision and it is the foundation of all spiritual visionary leadership.


1. Quote: .Source: Joel Smith,

“A dream without a positive attitude produces a

daydreamer. A positive attitude without a dream produces a

pleasant person. A dream together with a positive attitude

produces a person with unlimited possibilities and potential.” by

John Maxwell, “The Success Journey”, p-49.

2. Webster’s dictionary defines vision as: “...something supposedly

seen by other than normal sight; something perceived in a dream,

trance, etc. or supernaturally revealed, as to a prophet. (b) the

experience of having such perception or revelation.

3. Another term I looked up was ‘visionary’. The writer of

Webster’s dictionary seems to come across with skepticism when

he defines ‘visionary as “existing only in the mind; not real;

imaginary; not capable of being put into effect; not realistic;

impractical ....”

4. For us to have ‘faith’ in God requires vision. The ability to see

what is unseen to the physical eye.

5. Listen to the Bible’s definition of faith: (Heb. 11:1, NIV) “Now

faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do

not see.”

6. In fact without vision the Bible says: Proverbs 29:18 Where

there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; but

blessed is he who keeps the law.

7. If the vision is from God then it comes in response to our faith.

Our faith brings certainty and assurance to our vision.

8. There is no greater need today in the Church than that of

‘visionary leadership’.

9. Illus. of a modern day prophet by the name of Judge Roy Moore

from Alabama.

Trans...There is no greater example than that of our Lord

Jesus Christ as found in Matthew 9:35-38. Jesus was living out

His vision and in so doing was providing leadership to those

who would follow. (Read Matthew 9:35-38) Let’s look first at

the mission.

I. Visionary Leadership

A. The Mission (Vs 35).

1. Jesus went to the cities and villages of Israel. He was no idle

dreamer but a visionary leader who lived out through action what

the Father had called Him to.

2. We can be even more specific about this plan of action because

it says that He would enter the synagogues and begin to teach ...

proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom.

3. Illus...Judge Roy Moore said: “Enough is enough...” Its time to

take a stand ... its time to get into action. Here is no idol dreamer

or speculator!

4. When, out of strong inner conviction, you know what ought to

be, then you have a vision. But it is only an idle dream until you

decide how to live it out. How do we bring to reality the vision of

what ought to be? This is what separates spiritual visionary

leadership from the worldly type. The Bible gives examples of


5. Someone wrote: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with

the first step”. Likewise your visionary journey begins with the first

step of obedient faith as you live out what God is working in!

6. Illus...The Life of Reta O’Neill is another example of Visionary

Leadership. In her autobiography she first mentions her parents

responding to an invitation when she was five years old. At 98

years of age she was still keeping a prayer journal of who to pray

for on a daily basis. Almost a century of influencing family, friends

and many times total strangers through her witness and prayers.

7. The Apostle Paul wrote: “...follow me as I follow Christ....”

Paul followed Christ all over the know world at that time. Into the

cities and the villages, beginning in the synagogues, teaching and

proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom. His mission was not of his

own making. His mission was to follow Christ, his Lord and


8. If the church’s mission is following Christ then he will make us

what He wants us to be and send us where He wants us to go.

Trans...We’ve looked at Christ’s mission. Now lets look at His


B. The Vision

1. Vs 36 “...seeing the multitudes, He felt compassion for them....”

2. What did He see? “...distressed... downcast... like sheep without

a shepherd.”

3. They were the ‘lost’ of Matthew 18:11 "For the Son of Man

has come to save that which was lost.”

4. Lost meaning people who are in the process of being utterly

destroyed ... perishing ....

5. If Christ were looking at people threw sin darkened perceptions

He would have seen people in a far different way. But the love of

God shaped His vision and He had a far different perception.

6. Jesus saw them as broken, distressed, downcast & perishing but

very savable. He saw them as His own sheep who were valuable

enough to attempt to recover and restore.

7. He did not respond like the Priest or Rabbi, who didn’t have the

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