Summary: Have you ever felt fear, anger, anxious, frustrated and defeated in your faith? The disciples on the road to Emmaus felt this after seeing thier Savior crucified and buried. But as they were walking away from Jerusalem they had forgotten the promise of th

LUKE 24:13-35

“Waiting for the Promise”

INTRO: Background. – As you we read the Scripture today we need to remember the context of this passage. First, at this point the Lord had been welcomed into the city by palm branches with the prople exclaiming, “hosanna in the highest”. He had been betrayed by one of his own disciples. He was arrested and sentenced to death. And finally the Lord had been crucified at the skull, dead and buried. With all of things happening the disciples who had once traveled with Jesus everywhere and witnessed the healing of the lame, the giving of sight to the blind and the healing of the human condition have fled. Now, with their emotions running wild they are all held up in the upper room huddling around each other praying they wont be next. All of them feeling fearful, angry, anxious, frustrated, defeated, and hopeless. All of them are there except for two disciples. These two disciples are not waiting around to see what happens. They are high tailing it out of Jerusalem. This is where we pick up this passage this morning.

These two disciples are walking that Resurrection morning, that morning when death was defeated. But instead of rejoicing in that day they are running away.

Before we go any further I want to have yourself placed in the same position. What could have been going through their minds at this point.

Fear- If they can get to the Lord they can certainly get me.

Angry- With the loss of their center of hope they would have been angry with God

Anxious – Anxiety about their future

Frustrated – The things that should have happened didn’t happen like they should

Defeated – Their future of a changed world died with Jesus

Hopeless – Their hope was crushed with Jesus

I think if we found ourselves in that place that we would have chosen the same road. These men felt like they were empty. There was nothing left. As a matter of fact, I would bet that many of us have in the past felt these feelings in our journey of faith. A place on the road where you have felt fear about things, angry at God about a loss in your life, anxious about the unstoppable future events, frustrated because your prayers aren’t being answered, defeated at the thought of fighting a losing battle with additctions, and just hopeless. Have you felt you were running on empty? Are you empty right now?

Can you place yourself there with them now. Are you in that place now? Lets read on about these men.

As they are walking along Jesus invites himself to the conversation. As they begin to listen to him and his telling of all things that must happen for the resurrection their hearts begin to burn inside them.

Now here is the thing about these men. Although they had seen with their own eyes the ministry of the Lord to the multitudes. Even though the woman had gone to the tomb with evidence that the Lord has risen. Even though some of the other disciples saw for themselves the tomb was empty. Even though all things were proof of his being raised as confirmation of his promise these men were still walking away from the promise. Did you catch that? Let that sink in for a moment. Even though it had been proven over and over again that there was hope for tomorrow through Christ they still walked.

Now here is the thing with all of us as believers. Sometimes when we get to a place in our journey of faith that we are fearful, angry at God, Anxious, frustrated with our circumstances, defeated and hopeless we find ourselves not consoled. We just are open to what the Spirit wants to do, comfort.

Now it was that Jesus was reclining back at the table and broke bread with the two disciples that they recognized him. Why then? Why not earlier? The last time they fellowshipped with the Savior was at the Passover meal. Where Jesus said that this bread is my body broken for you. This fruit of the vine is my blood shed for you.

When is the last time you truly fellowshipped with the Savior. Today, in this place do you feel like your empty? Defeated, angry, fearful, anxious, even hopeless. God wants you to know his presence in your life.

The disciples walked with Jesus and were blinded to who he was in their journey. Sometimes we neglect the fact that as believers God has provided the H.S. as our comforter. God never left us. He never abandoned us.

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