Summary: This defines the many miricles Jesus had performedin the latter part of his ministry,nevertheless; the miricle he had performed in this event was to be an impression upon the disciples.

Waiting on God Beyond Expected Time

John 11:4 When Jesus heard that, he said, This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby.

When Jesus had gotten notice of Lazarus’s sickness he did not hasten to heal him nor come to his aid, but rather took time to implement a plan tohat unbelievers would believe and that doubters would doubt no more.

Even amongst you there are some that doubt the power of God. Some that don’t believe in the healing power of God.

These were the type of people that Jesus knew would be standing around and could not come to his aid in his sickness but rather had to wait for his death to show the world that know one has power to heal but God.

Jesus understood that no matter how much evidence he submitted his healing would have to be that of the supernatural that no one could deny the power witnessed.

I have personally witnessed the hands of God in 2001 When I was told I was to Die and there was nothing to be done if I did not admit myself into the hospital. In April 2002 I Was Found with nothing.

2005 Plumiting Head first out of a 2nd story Window

2007 " Feet First " " " " " "

I Trusted God knowing that there is nothing unknown to him. Rebuking the doctor’s obserations I knew that I had to stand on what God would have me to speak. According to what we speak we can recieve the miracles that are intended by God.

Martin Luther King Jr. Said: " Faith is defined as a living, daring confidence in God’s Grace".

The Healings of Jesus

1) Water to Wine (Canan)

2) Cause the blind to See (Bethsadia)

3) Cause The Lame to Walk (Capernaum)

4) Made The Storm Still (Galilee)

5) Healed the woman with the issue of blood (Capernaum)

6) Raised Lazarus from the dead (Bethany)

When Jesus raised lazarus from the dead it was not to be pretentious or arrogant but through the father they maybe glorified and that the ones who stood by would believe on the Son of Man (Jesus).

Waiting on God Beyond Expected Time

We must understand that the ways of God are not our ways nor his thoughts our thoughts.

We say that God is an ontime God but are we willing to wait out the process of God to make intercession for us.

Through Trial are we willing to Wait on God Beyond Expected Time.

Through Error are we willing to Wait on God Beyond Expected Time.

Through tragedy are we willing to Wait on God Beyond ERxpected Time.

Waiting On God Beyond Expected Time

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