Summary: In this brief study we will take a walk through the book of Acts highlighting some of the more significant verses and ideas presented by Luke. I have drawn some material from "Act Normal" by Scott Wilson.

Acts Pt1- Waiting on God

Introduction (thoughts take from Act Normal by Scott Wilson)

New series- Acts- 28 chps- hit key parts/ideas.

First- look at where Acts has been placed in the Bible.

Bible PPT

Just as Acts is located between- Gospels/Epistles-

it is a bridge between- life of Christ we find in the Gospels and- doctrines we find in- Epistles.

In- Gospels- see- ministry/teaching of Jesus Christ and in Acts we see life/mission of- Christian community.

The church- intended to play- significant role in- world.

There is a super natural element to the church because the church consist of a supernatural people.

God chose to reveal His power/grace through-

Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, Spirit-empowered people.


Acts was written by Luke as was the Gospel of Luke-

both are dedicated to a man named Theophilus.

Theophilus- likely Christian/Roman- lover/friend of God.

Lk 1.1-4, Acts 1.1-3


Acts- is filled with a lot of action/miracles/signs/wonders.

Also see times waiting/confusion- Peter is miraculously saved but James is put to death with a sword.

Full title- The Acts of the Apostles- some would call it-

Acts of the HS because of its many references to the work/power of the Holy Spirit

Acts of the Ascended Christ because of Luke’s opening words-

Acts 1.1

Certainly- we see- work of- HS/Ascended Christ in Acts.

However, the Acts of the Apostles is probably a more meaningful title because it demonstrates both the-

work of the HS and

the work of the Ascended Christ

operating in and through everyday men.

The Apostles were fishermen/tax collectors who God called into His service- as He calls men today.

We see ordinary people dramatically impact the world.

Theme verse: Act 1.8-

Acts 1:8

As you look at the book-

chps 1-5 gospel preached in Jerusalem

chps 6-8 gospel preached in Judea/Samaria

chps 13-28 gospel going beyond Judea/Samaria

Acts- the Gospel certainly goes to the Roman empire, even Rome, but- not to remotest part of earth.

Perhaps- mission set out in Act 1.8- not yet complete.

In Acts we find Paul taking several missionary journeys- the ending of one is the beginning of another.

There must always be new beginnings to take the message to the remotest part of the earth.

That is part of what we, the church, are called to do.

Our mission is to put the world back together.

God’s plan is to restore-

men/women to Himself,

His Kingdom in all of creation, and to

overcome evil.

The Message of Luke

We might ask- what message did the Lord leave with the apostles that they should take to- world?

Acts 1:3 (NASB95) To these He also presented Himself alive after His suffering, by many convincing proofs, appearing to them over a period of forty days and speaking of the things concerning the kingdom of God.

Message- of Acts is that of the King and His Kingdom.

It included the message of the-

Cross of Christ,

forgiveness for the sins of the world, and

good news of salvation through faith in JC.

Act 1.4-5

Before Jesus ascended He told His disciples- I am leaving, but the HS will be with you to empower you-

Mat 28:20 (NASB95) -lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

With the physical ascension of Christ He said- I am sending you the Comforter, the HS, to be with you.

Where the physical Christ could only be in one place at one time, the HS would be with all men at all times.

The presence and power of Jesus Christ, through the inward work of the Holy Spirit, is fully available to anyone who trusts in Jesus as the Christ.

Sometimes we think it would be wonderful to be like the early church- we tend to romanticize- early church.

Look at- early church through Paul’s eyes- nearly drove him crazy w/immorality/greed/prejudices/idolatry.

Sometimes we think if we could just walk with Jesus in the flesh everything would be okay.

But the disciples had a lot of problems and they did not really change until- experienced- inward work of HS.

While we are here on earth, God has not abandoned us, we are not alone, He has given us His HS-

We have been given three realities to help us through this journey: the Spirit of God, the Word of God, and the people of God. Scott Wilson

Act 1.4

Waiting is one of the most difficult things for us to do.

What were they to wait for?

Act 1.6-8

The HS fell upon them on Pentecost- 50 days after the Passover and 10 days after Jesus ascension.

The disciples huddled together in the upper room for 10 days waiting and praying.

Today it is hard to get christian’s to pray one hour.

There were 120 in- upper room- yet He appeared to 500 people- 380 people decided not to wait/pray.

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