Summary: Shows the frustrations that fester from Broken, Dead and Spilled Over Promises.

Waiting On What Has Been Promised

Genesis 38: 7-15

Scripture tells us that Onan was a charge to go in unto Tamar (Sister In Law)that the blood line of Judah would be carried on. Onan took it upon himself to spill over the seed and did not impregnate Tamar.

God is saying that that maybe the seed has been spilled but the promise of your pregnancy (In The Spirit) is yet to come to pass maybe not by whom you expected. But whom God will send, and that particular person will understand that there life is contingent upon them managing the relationship.

Many of us feel defeated because we want someone to impregnate us with a seed but they seem to be too selfish, therefore, they abuse the privilege of the relationship. Much like Onan. He was selfish.

Judah asks Tamar to remain a widow and when Shelah is of age he tells Tamar that he will give Shelah to her at the time of his maturity. When Shelah comes of age he is yet not given unto her.

Tamar takes it upon herself to change her appearance from a widow to a harlot.

A widow is seen as a woman poor in spirit and lowly person.

Bible Declares in Matthew 5:3 Blessed are the poor in spirit for there’s is the kingdom of heaven.

Many of us in the season are frustrated because our fathers have made us promises and these promises to our dismay have did one of three things.

1) Died

2) Spilled Over

3) Been Broken

In This Hour God Is Saying.

"Many of the promises we thought Died, Spilled Over, or have been Broken they’re just a praise away and the deal is still on. Many of our promises have been delayed but not long.

Though Tamar changed the appearence of who she was to who she wasn’t. God is saying that many of the things that we are doing in the body of christ the spectators are saying "it doesn’t look like God" But he is the vehicle driving these things because he is doing a new thing and there is a changing of the gaurds. The ones that have had the opportunity and mishandled it are being replaced with individuals who dare to be different and are in the will of God.

Though Tamar was not in the will of God when she tricked her Father-In-Law she dared to be creative to get what was promised to her.

I know for certain that patience is very important and that we must wait patiently for our promises.

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