"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio


Summary: Christians wait for the rapture through suffering, for justice, in prayer.

Waiting Saints

2 Thessalonians 2:1-3, 13-17

Series: “Waiting, Watching, Working until the end.”

1. Second Thessalonians is a book in “regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and

our gathering together with Him.” 2 Thes. 2:1

2. Until that day comes, we do three things

a. Wait

b. Watch

c. Work

3. This series of 5 sermons deals with how we do these things.

4. Today our discussion is on the Waiting.

I. Waiting Through Suffering 1: 3-5

Our days before His arrival may be days of persecution, as they were for the

Thessalonians. This suffering should be endured patiently and should produce

within us---

A. A Growing Faith:

1. “Your Faith is greatly enlarged. V-3

2. Job 17:9

3. Prov. 4:18

4. Is. 40: 29-31

B. An increasing love toward one another v-3

1. Prayerfully, it doesn’t take persecution to get us to love one another

2. “To live with the saints in heaven above, that will be glory, But to dwell with the saints on earth today, now that’s a different story.”

3. Love pays! Corporations now invest in “Civic Marketing”. A business like way of saying love. (See file 282)

4. If corporations do it, surely Christians can too!

5. Who can you love this week?

C. A noteworthy Hindrance vv 4-5

1. Phil. 1:28

2. I Peter 4: 14-18

Because we wait thro persecution, we are…

II. Waiting for Justice vv 6-10

A. When it comes to justice, we better make sure our information is correct,

And our sources are accurate.

1. We gain conclusions from our feelings.

2. We gain our conclusions from the world.

(Media consistently provides misinformation. In 28 stories in

January of Bush’s stimulus package, 37 comments were made biased against it versus 7 for it. The media is not the place to get your world view.) See file 283

3. The only valid source of information about the future is God’s Word.

B. What is to come? “Payday Someday

1. It is “Just” or Righteous

2. Zechariah 2:8

3. When will this payday occur?

“When the Lord”…….v-7

C. Who will receive Justice?

1. The Saints receive relief. (v-7)

“Rest of Relief” Also used in Mr. 11-28. Word is used of a bow string with the tension removed.

2. The sinner receives retribution. (vv 8-9)

a. Sinners are those who do not know God. (v-8)

b. Sinners are those who do not obey the gospel. (v-8)

Romans 10:9-10

c. The penalty is eternal destruction. (v-9)

d. The penalty is “eternal separation” (v-9)

e. A closed mind on this issue could land you eternally separated from God.

(Illus: In 1847 a Hungarian doctor proposed a remedy to “childhood fever” which killed 207 of new mothers shortly after birth---washing hands. Even after studies showed hand washing by doctors reduced the rate of the fever to 1.3%, the medical establishment mocked the doctor’s remedy for over 20 years. In the end, Louis Pasteur discovered the Hungarian doctor was right. It was tragically too late for thousands who could have been saved.”)

3. The Savior receives Recognition. (v-10)

As we wait, we should be……

III. Waiting in Prayer (vv 11-12)

A. Prayer to be counted worthy. (v 5:11)

1. In this world, we can become “worthy” by our diligence in improvement.

(Jackie Joyner-Kersey sought to improve one percent in each competition—she won six Olympic medals.)

2. In spiritual matters, we can be worthy-but not on our own merit and improvements.

3. “Propitiation” is our merit—Christ satisfied all of the Father’s demands.

B. To be an empowered servant. (v-11)

C. To be an instrument of and recipient of glory. (v-12)

1. Christ glorified in me.

2. I glorified in Him.


“According to the grace of God….” (v-12)

• Only by Grace is there anything worth waiting for.

• I deserve what is in vv 8-9

• By Grace I’ll receive what is promised in v-7.

A new management technique involves anticipating the future. Managers are given a company scenario and told to come up with a solution for success.

• If you were to anticipate the Lord’s return today---What would it look like to you?

• If you are fearful it would look more like verses 8-9 than verse 7, you need to do something.

o Admit your sin problem

o Believe in Christ’s provision

o Commit your life to God’s plan.

Sinners Prayer

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