Summary: Spiritual warfare

The life of man is like a mirror. It never gives you back more than what you put before it. If you frown at it, it frowns back at you; if you smile at it, it smiles at you. The real tragedy in life is not when the life terminates but when it fails to fulfill God’s purpose for it. It is a tragedy for somebody to have a talent and fail to use it until he dies. Life is also a one- way street. We cannot come back once we go through it. The tragedy of life is that a lot of people get wise when it is too late. The life you and I are living now is just like a loan from heaven. We are given the loan to trade here on earth. So, we are doing spiritual business for the Almighty with our lives.

Unfortunately, by the nature of human beings, many live their lives at the best only when they are shaken and troubled. Many would not live well until they discover who they are. That is why life itself is a mystery and a mission. There is nothing more tragic than for a person to forfeit the reason why God has brought him here.

So, God has brought you here for a specific purpose. Each person is born to be remarkable. There are no two persons in the world that are exactly the same. It has been found that even identical twins are different. Your genetic make-up is for you alone. Your fingerprint is for you alone. Likewise, your life here is unique because God has a hand in it before the foundation of the world. This is why it is not good to come to the world and just mess around.

You must know what you are doing. The worst tragedy of life is what dies inside a man whilst he is still living. If one’s life does not make an impact on others, it is a useless life. So, every man or woman reading this message is an unexplored goldmine. For God to send you here, He has planted something in you to make you great. The greatest discovery you can therefore make in life is to discover your God’s-given deposits or treasures.

It is a day of tragedy if you allow the enemy to kill the treasures God has planted in you. I remember that diamond mine of Goldcanda. The man was living there and was the owner of the whole land. One day, a wise old priest came to visit him and asked him, “Do you have diamond?” The man said, “No, I have never seen one before.” The old priest said to him, “If you have a little bit of diamond you will be so rich and you will have no problem.” The man said, “Where can I find it?” The priest answered, “You should start looking for it where you find the river passing through two mountains. Check in the white sand very well you will find diamond there.” The man could no longer sleep. “I must be rich. I must find diamonds. I must become the richest man in the world.” Because of this urge within him, he sold off his property and began to travel from place to place, looking for the river with white sand. He searched and searched until one day he got fed up and jumped into a river and committed suicide.

One month after he died, the fellow who bought his compound was just there and all of a sudden found something, a shiny thing, which he took, put it on the table, and sat down and was looking at because he did not know what it was. The same wise old priest came again, and immediately he entered he saw this shining material on the table and said, “Mr. Man, what is this?” He said, “I found it outside, in my garden.” The old wise man said, “But this is diamond.” The person who had this place sold it out to look for diamond and that is why he died. This is diamond.” They did a test and the substance was confirmed to be diamond. By the time they started digging round that compound, it was discovered that the place had the largest deposit of diamond in the whole world.

Here was a man who was living right on top of diamond but who sold off the land and died a terrible death, whereas what he was looking for and killed himself for was in the land. Close your eyes and pray like this: “Any power of profitless venture, die, in the name of Jesus.”

Perhaps you learnt carpentry, or bricklaying; or you had been in business and later you became a civil servant, and later you turned to another occupation, but in all you did not make any progress. Then something is wrong. This is why I would like you to repeat the first prayer point and also pray the following:

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Kpanou Francis

commented on Apr 10, 2018

I am always praying 4 ur anointing ,pls support me in this prayer

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