Summary: How we are commanded Walk in Christ and in Him we find the Greatest Treasure

Title: Walk in Christ

Introduction: When you have received Christ as your savior you find hidden treasure. As a young boy I remember we would grab a shovel and start digging a hole in the ground. We talked of finding a buried treasure or something valuable that had been buried for a long time. I would venture to say that many of you did the same thing.

Core: Paul wrote to the believers at Colosse we see in chapter 2 verse three that in “Whom (that is in Christ) are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. The greatest treasure we can have is the wisdom and knowledge we find in Christ Jesus. The treasure chest we need is the one we possess and hopefully have with us this morning. The treasure chest is the Bible in it we find the greatest treasure of all, Salvation by Faith in Jesus Christ.


I. Everything we need to know and understand is found in this book

A. That is the most valuable lesson anyone can learn

1. God’s treasure chest the Bible is our guide for living

2. We see how we are to walk in Christ in this book

3. I don’t know everything

4. But I know this one thing, that is where to find the Answers

B. They are found in the Bible

1. God’s Holy word

2. It is our guide for living

3. By Faith in Christ we have the full treasure chest of God’s knowledge right in our hands

4. The Bible God’s Holy inspired and written word

C. When we were younger we went to school

1. We had text book with many things written in them

2. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

3. Science and History were taught

4. The greatest text book we have is the Bible

5. It teaches reading, writing and Arithmetic

6. Science and History, but mainly it teaches about God and His provision of Salvation.

D. God’s Holy Word

1. We find in it instruction for living

2. We find in it instruction for relationships

3. We find instruction for a peaceful life lived in Christ

4. We find in it God’s plan and purpose for our lives.

II. You may say why study the Bible, what is the purpose

A. Paul tells us in Colossians chapter 2 verse 4 that when we don’t use the treasure chest of God’s word and gain wisdom and knowledge We can be drawn away from God and enticed

1. It says any man can beguile you

2. You can become a victim of a false prophet

3. A false teacher

4. Many are enticed and beguiled with the science books in school today

B. Many have faltered and believed the religion that Darwin taught

1. Drawn away to believe in Evolution

2. To believe that man and beast evolved

3. To believe a lie from satan

4. Many are enticed and beguiled by men who have honey dripping from their mouths

5. Giving enticing feel good messages that don’t convict and don’t bring us to repentance

6. That is the danger in our world today

C. People want their ears tickled

1. They don’t want to hear about sin and a need for salvation

2. They want to hear that they are just fine and just need to do good in order to go to heaven

3. God’s word doesn’t tell us that

4. God’s word says we must admit to being a sinner in of a Savior

5. That Savior is Jesus Christ

6. He died for our sins

D. Paul says in Colossians chapter 2 verse 5 that He found the Colossians steadfast in the Faith

1. That gave him joy

2. He beheld their order

3. Their steadfastness

4. They were standing side by side in unity

E. That is what God wants us to be doing

1. Standing fast

2. Standing side by side

3. As soldiers do in battle

4. Holding the line and fighting on

5. Being steadfast is holding the line

6. Have a solid front that can’t be penetrated by the enemy

F. The Colossian church had that reputation

1. What about South Dayton

2. What would Paul say about its reputation in the past

3. Paul wanted them to continue

4. To stand firm and not be lead away by a great orator

III. Through the years what has South Dayton stood for

A. What is its reputation

1. Would Paul give it this great commendation

2. Or would he give it the same condemnation he gave the Corinthian church

3. Let’s take it further

4. What would Paul do for your walk

B. He says in verse 6 of Colossians 2 if ye have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in Him

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