Summary: To walk the obedient life we must realize the context in which we live. There is a war against waging against our souls.

“Walk the Talk” #4

(The War against your Soul)

S-2 Being born-again brought you into an existing war.

S-3 I Peter 2:11-12

S-4 A War against your Soul

1. Inward war from sinful desires (fleshly lust)

2. Outward war by those that speak against you, accusing you of doing wrong.

3. The reality within the war: We are living on the outside as exiles or pilgrims.

S-5 & 6 I Peter 2:13-18

S-7 Soul Satisfaction

1. Submission is a secret ingredient to satisfy your soul.

2. Doing the will of God is our loudest satisfaction, and that will silent the foolish.

3. Live as free people, this is a mindset.

4. Show proper respect to everyone.

5. Slaves to God: He is our master and a good one.

S-8 & 9 I Peter 2:19-23

S-10 Medals For…

1. Unjust suffering: when others mistreat you for being a Christian.

2. Endurance: when you are attacked for doing good.

3. Being Christlike: when your insulted and you did not retaliate.

S-11 I Peter 2:24-25

S-12 When you’ve done poorly in battle.

1. Remember: He still paid the price for your righteousness.

2. Remember: To return to Shepherd the overseer of your souls.

3. We are a team. The word souls remind us we are in this together.

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